Ac Changes and Me (P2 – Lvl 20 Samyus)

Samyus is/was my AC build. I was able to self-buff to over 85 long term with only ship buffs and class/race abilities/feats. With a few other buffs from other people I was able to get a 92 or more fairly simply.

So how did the Ac changes feel last night? Irritating and infuriating.

Last week doing just normal stuff I felt amazing, sure casters can be a problem but if you charged them and imp sunder/stunning blow – trip you can avoid some spell damage. Last night I didn’t feel untouchable. In fact I all night long I drank and drank pot after pot just trying to keep my health bar at a fair level so the healer might feel sorry for me and throw a heal my way a little bit but I had to yell at him a lot for heals. At one point even I ran to him to just stand in his aura while there was some plot story happing and he moved away so I followed him and he moved again taking his aura with him and I said if I am not allowed to use the aura for healing then you damn well better heal me or I am about to barb out and then I will scream for HEJLS nonstop. The healer went “What?”

Head Shake….

So some details, or what I can remember of my details. Samyus’ Ac is now about the same maybe a little higher over all. I spiked to 100 at one point but I don’t remember exactly what I did to make it happen. But I think my normal non- tanking mode AC was around 90-95, which according to the % calculator is a 69% (Sexy if not great ☹). Switching to my epic Swashbuckler from my +5 mitral tower shield cost me 3 or 4 Ac and I went to a 68% but gained double strike and the rest of the Swashbuckler abilities. So I was sword and baby board most of the night.

Incoming damage felt all right, most numbers were in the 15-20 point range, if coming in a lot more often (that is my issue). My dodge % at about 8-9% I saw one attack missed due to dodge all night. I am thinking I need to try and boost that dodge number some and see if it saves me from a hit more then once a night. Switching to the E Dualist leathers cost me 7-10 points of AC (dropping my & to low 60s) but added a lot of dodge (taking me to 15ish% with room to go to 24%) so it is a maybe until I get my Purple armor.. But if the dodge % is not worth wild I will be freeing up a few dodge item slots.

I also felt that I missed on trash mobs a little more then normal but I was able to use cleave and great cleave to boost attacks here and there and I feel like that made those misses up. Also I felt like my hate was turned all the way up. A lot of times I could run in to a friendly AOE spell and cleave/G cleave and take all the agro. I even caught Tobril on his caster Intim trash off me trying to get his torc to proc some and I was able to regain the hate with just my AOE attacks right away. So I like that.

I also love the +x[W] damage with the cleave/G cleave. It is nice to see that 60 first number become 100+ on a non crit spin. Might look in to picking up the Whirlwind Attack as an option. Swapping is totally doable if dodge and past life ranger is not worth the feats any longer. But I will see if adding mobility on its own is worth any thing. Have the feeling those free +0 lessers are about to be real popular.

Btw I am a master of flowers. Totally helpful for my pure defender fighter to have ki effects, but it looks like I need to level it up to go Unyielding Sentinel. Which is the real destiny I want (I think/hope). More on that later when I know a little more.

I have a Migraine, Enjoy

The last couple days have been slow for the TR train. The guild did epics on Tuesday this week after everyone decided that Wednesday would be the best, but not two weeks in a row. Shoot me. Xping on Wednesday is not that great as Fopo has his league bowling on those nights. So I fit in some more epic stuff as able. Last night turned in to a night of ddo where when I logged for the night I wondered where the night went as I felt like I did nothing (one eSnitch and one Abbot run done).

Anyway I did get a little bit of xp in the last few days on Samius and xp capped so I had to level to 10. A level I have been looking forward to since I learned that the Arty Battle Engineer gave -10% ASF. Meaning I can bust out some of my favorite armor from back in the day. Elfcrafted Chain Shirt, it is like baby blue dragon armor (+3 Mithral, Arcane Lore and Minor Spell Penetration VII) and happens to look amazing!


Replace that shitty Minos Legens, and put on a smexxy yellow feathered Captain’s Chapeau on a human with a kick ass long beard and a dragon mark and a rune arm you will have a rough idea of what I look like. I looked so hot I was getting tells about how randy I was making people while just standing on the boat. Okay, those tells were from Tobril. But I know how smexxy I look! Damn Smexxy!

Speaking of Smexxy, I have been really enjoying the Retain Essence perk the arties have.

Retain Essence
Whenever an Artificer uses a rod, staff, or wand, the character has a chance to not expend a charge. The percentage chance is equal to (Artificer Level)/2 + Int Modifier + Enhancement Modifier + Effect Modifier.

I am not sure what that all means, fill in the blank style and find a % per item thing but I can say that I notice my wand charges get saved fairly often. But where I really see charged being retained is on my spell boosting clickies. When I made them I gave them the highest level spells I could and still was able to use them at the time. So they are superior X level 7 or 8. So I am going to say there Effect Modifier is high as I almost always get 4 uses out per clickly and a lot of the time 5 uses in really long quests.

One last thing, I think today starts free Arty weekend. So if you haven’t gotten to play them because you are holding out for them to go on sale or something roll one up and try it. And if you love it then you can you can use code DDOMK10 to get 10% off whatever is in your store cart. And I think we are also in 25% xp week starting today also.