When i am King

5 things i would do if i was the undisputed king of the US (maybe world not that up to date on the whole worlds issues) for a day.

1, Surround my house with a moat and line it with heads of my enemies. You know who you are. Yes, Bobby Flay you would be a real jewel in my collection.

2, Stream line the immigration process. Make thing much simpler for new immigrates to declare themselves and get started in the process.

This is where i get a little silly…

3, Order a trilogy of live action films by Shane Black/Jon Favreau team up based on the Guyver manga with instructions to stay as close to the source as possible.

4, The 3rd of July is now, Blow Job Day. Give a little get a little. Smiles all around.

5, Reorder the bug list in DDo. I don’t know where things are going but I could just about scream the other day when i hit a slew of Druid and Bard bugs all in a row. Grumble.


So what am i missing? If i expanded this list to 10 what would i add. Shit 10 things in a day? Who am i Superman?



Javabot: 17/2/1 Report

Thought i would focus down and get some writing done today as apposed to hammering out a Commander MtG deck to learn that my General may or may not be banned just as i finish pass one of the deck. Not that this very thing happened yesterday….  grumble grumble

Anyway, thought i would do a little evaluation of things and see if i like them or not. 

First off Java is level 24 now, at the last moment i decided to go 17/2/1 druid/fighter/wiz. The way i have things setup right now is about how i thought they might. Just to make life a little easier i will just show you a pic of my enchantment setup and spell layout. I could show you my destiny bs, but as i am leveling off destinies i am using whatever happens to be worth a turdnugget and Engery Burst/Imp Power Attack and Endless Faith. 


Okay back to details, as best as i can figure my damage per hit is not where i want it to be in Exalted Angel i am hitting the training dummy for all of 50ish points, which is just sad.  But i have a native 33% double strike so that is more like what 66 per hit? Still poopy. But my attack speed is fair and i am still just using an epic Kron’zek’s Cruelty. Which is not a bad weapon but it is not great right at the moment. But i press on. 

Having a worth wild dodge score is weird. But might be worth some of the changes. That was why i took the last fighter level btw i could take mobility with that last feat. Distributed a well known player on Sarlona and a fairly new DG member made a compelling argument about erring on the side of not getting hit vs taking less damage. Not something i am used to doing with the AC system in this game, such as it is. 

My PRR is just gone. Like i never had any. With the exception of a belt with 14 PRR slotted in a green slot every thing is more or less the same and what was 79 PRR is now 5. I think i am just missing something, but i am not sure what and i don’t like it. Okay i found a little bit of the missing PRR. I normally twist in the Legendary Shield Mastery, but i was leveling that destiny so i didn’t need to twist it in. Guess i need to twist it back in… On the plus side my double strike will hit 40% with out boosts. 

Something i just noticed is the fact that i am missing 3 uses of Wild Empathy, not a huge deal on its own but i use those uses to power Flight and that is a big deal. 😦 

Over all it is still hard to say what is better. I am still a few levels away from my best weapons. But i think the Skullcrusher next level will be a beast again now that i am proficient. I might have to let Tobril talk me into more Lobs again to make a not small version of my shield that was an error on my part. 

Oh spells real fast. Even though i don’t have the spell slots to ready another form like i could before most of my core desires are covered as long as i prep the form i want to use before hand. But i am not impressed with some of my DCs even though i have my wisdom as high as i can make it can go at the moment. But most things trip or get shaken up but when things evade my Icy Burst i get a little pissed. 

Still leveling at the moment and if i cap out and i don’t like it i guess i will just use that +20 to pick up another life and rock a little closer to completionest.



Yesterday, I was catching up with Rach over on her blog everydaytangents when one of her posts spawned an idea. She was writing about her limited experience with vajazzling, something i had to Google a bit to get and idea of what the hell she was talking about and when i got it i was not surprised be say… Okay surprised will work… I was surprised that this was a thing. Guess it even has a fairly sweet spoke person, in Jennifer Love Hewitt. I mean if anyone’s vagina should sparkle, it has to be her’s right?

Anyway, Rach was going on about being ready to go for it and add a little shine to her treasure chest when she realized that a skin test might be in order and aborted. But what stuck me was the options she had in the kit her friend “gifted” to her. Hearts, Stars, Diamonds, Clovers and Balloons! Wait no that is Lucky Charms… Well I guess that is right.

But what is there for us nerdy people?

I mean maybe we need a Dragon or a Sword. Maybe a D20 or a mix of dice. Maybe the greatest wizards of all time. 10 different poses of

Dungeon Master!

Just saying if you want to go the extra mile to make your golden mound even more special what would be better then a natural 20?


one and one, two and one, one and two


I epic TRed Java last night and feed him a normal heart so he is ready to start again, one what i would like to be his last life for a bit.  So i am trying to form a plan.

Tobril wants me to look at a 2 monk splash, which is poopy mostly do to if you have an unarmed profile then your animal form uses that profile. Or it did and i don’t remember ever seeing that it was changed. It kinda makes since that it would work that way wouldn’t it? Not from a logical pov, but from a coding/lazy pov. Animal form + weapons act like unharmed and handwraps ergo it would use the one that came first…

The first thing i have done is plan out the necessary AP point expenditures to do the things i want to have. And see what important things i am missing.  I would have 17-18 APs left over and would miss the last tear of the Instinctive Fighting (dg sneak attack and 10 positive spell power.) And the Form Mastery ie 10 PRR, 2 damage and 2d6 sneak attack dice and some other bonuses.

One level in fighter gives me the options for extra action boost for 6(7) points, haste boost for 2(9), and reed in the wind for 3(12) or 12 total points. If i do a second fighter level then i could take Imp Dodge in this tree (Tobril claims stacking) for 6(18) more points. So something might need to be cut.

Now if i did one wizard level with those 18 APs i could pick up 15 hps(4) which isn’t bad as that includes 1% double strike and another 1[w]+damage attack. But a second wizard level allows us to spend 6 more total points for a shield clickly that makes up for the missing PRR.

Lets do see what 2/1 fighter/wiz looks like:

4 points for the hps in from Eldritch Knight

6 points for Haste boost and Reed.

6 more for imp Dodge.

1 for invisibility clickly?

17 total points spent 3 total bonus feats and PROFICIENCY with most weapons opening up all the non-Nightmare weapons in my pack (which there are some).

2/1 wiz/fighter:

6 in kensei for Reed, and haste boost 2

10 for Hps and Imp Shield

1 for invisibility clickly?

17 total points spent 2 total bonus feats and PROFICIENCY like above.

Even talking it out with you all, I am not any closer to a decision. Grumble Grumble.


Time for Another TR?

I have spent the last few DDo hours on Javabot. By doing/cleaning up some destiny stuff I have gotten him in fairly good shape. Dps is up a little, I am using the Nightmare at the moment. So 2.5+.5(1d10) 17-20 with a so so Str score but by tweaking my destinies and maxing out others i am not using i have some room for twists i didn’t have before. Namely the cold burst from Draconic but having that allows me to return to Primal Avatar as a main destiny for most questing and Fury for the other quests.

Overall it is working out fine.

But tweaking feats and enhancements lead me to another issue, namely i am missing out on another channel for defense, DODGE.

When i last TRed Java dodge was not a thing so tanking dex for wis/con/str was fine. I mean i wanted a tripping hp having dps caster. And for a long time it worked. But change a few things like -4 bab vs -X% (i think it is -25%) for non- proficiency and make dodge one of the better defensive channels available…

What i am saying is i could use a few more tweaks.

Now i have a +4 dex tome in Java with a base of 8 that makes dex 12. You need 13 for dodge (which opens up improved dodge and 4 good legs) which is only 6% more but still that is a big jump and return to more or less immune to knock downs. So looking a round i do happen to have a 4 to 5 dex tome. I thought i did, and i could use it.


Tr again. I am trying to get my head around all the TR changes. But i think i could do the epic TR at 28 then back to 1 and have more or less the same build with a few tweaks like 9 dex and maybe a hair more strength. Pick up one of them epic past lives and whatnot. Might be worth the hassle. I mean what else am i doing, right?




When i play a game i often end up thinking about other things as i play. Yesterday, the lady Brits were on their newest TR run (on iconics) doing the minotaur village quest. And as i always do i shouted over voice  HammmmmmBERGER!!!! In my best impression of the chairman from Iron Chief America.

Why? Because that is what i think of when i think of minotaurs.

But i have noticed other repeating trends while doing certain quests. Like any time i am running across a large zone going from point A to B watching the map, i hear the Indiana Jones travel music.

What pops in your head during game?





Posted in DDo.

Job Updates

Thought I would throw out a little updatez. Think most of you know I have been job hunting for a while now and ended up taking a job at the post office. And i want to say I don’t think it is for me. As most of you know I have a little more then a hint of dyslexia. I tend to get the last few letters/numbers/words out of order. So if say i wanted to sort all the mail for 1234 green while i am sitting at their box out of my next pile i would have to extra careful not to get the mail for 1243 green out also. Or more often then not I wouldn’t get all the mail for 1234 green at once. What was happening  was i would have 5 letters for 1234, check and see 1234 1234 1234 and 1243 1243 and just put three in the mail box. Roll up to the next address and then realize that i still had mail for the last box. Once i realized i was doing that i had to be even more careful and that took even more time.

Things you might not know about the post office is that it is super time sensitive.  That is that when people send mail out in their mail box it has to be back at the post office by a given time so it can be processed and sent out to be sorted. Unless you live in a MAJOR city odds are it has to dive out of town some. Ergo a must be back time is in effect at most postoffices. Any mail you don’t deliver must be returned and taken out by the next person. Ergo extra work for them. And in my case it will be extra work on Mondays ie the craziest of the days.

Also you have to scan most packages now at the time of delivery. If the scanner is not working you have to manually enter the 16-22 digit number (like 1234 5678 1234 5678 1290 12). I had more then 5 packages that didn’t scan and again with my dyslexia manually enter packages were very time consuming.

My first solo run might be my last as i got back late even though i headed back in time, but you have to get gas on your way back if you work the Saturday shift (Mondays are too busy to get gas) but my gas card wouldn’t work, making me late for the the truck anyway. But to top things off 3 different people helped me out by taking around an hour of deliveries on top of their normal load. Even with their help i still returned with more then a third of my route. Even if i was able to double my speed I would still have tons more work for the regular. Something i can’t abide is someone else having extra work because of me.

I am not sure what to do. My wife said i had to see for myself and my regular saw my issues and made some comments but i hate to quit. There are lots of good things about the job. It is a total rush, 1000% pressure all the time. I didn’t even have time to eat, drink or piss in the 12 hours i was out killing myself. I do like that rush of an impossible deadline when i have the ability to reach the goal in time. But i was totally crushed on Saturday night some things were out of my hands but most of my delays were due my limitations. And i don’t want to hurt others because of my short comings.

Anyway i am debating things maybe too much like i tend to do. But that makes content, right?


And There Was Much Debate

This last week/weekend was a bit of a challenge. The Gurobo’s have been passing around something making each other sick or we knock the illness down only for it to climb back up and try to take us down again. The wife is recovering the slowest but i think once she is mostly over it she will be done. I have more training this week Tues-Fri and it is currently -0.1 . Aka fuckin cold. I thought i was over all this shit last week then i spent the day training, 7+ hours out in the cold hardly moving as the main carrier had the heater blowing on him and jumping in and out of the LLV. Burrrrr.

So lets just say other then laying on the couch watching Stargate: Atlantis and wrapping up  Rescue Me; I have been rocking the xps on Butterz. I really like where she is right now, well except in the DPS area but I just need to deal with that as there is not a ton more i can due in that department other then a few hard to handle tweaks.

So time for another project. I am thinking Java.

For whatever reason he went from being super fun and almost unstoppable to not so much in a single TR, TO THE SAME BUILD. Tobril keeps trying to convince me that it has to be something to do with the enchantment changes but I just think that maybe the melee/caster hybrid dog is not going to work any longer. So it is time to pick a horse I guess and go with it. And i am thinking melee, that was Java’s original role so time to get back on it.

So to that end i swapped out of the skullsmasher that i was not proficient with without help and looked to my Raid box for help.  First of all i had an Toughness feat that i could swap if i wanted to pick up a proficiency. Sure i could have taken simple weapons and gone back to the Skullsmasher but i want to try something “more powerful” at least in a vacuum.

Tinah, looks good and there is the benefit of having one or two other long swords in my pack pocket, but it feels less strong combaired to some of the other weapons. Tobril is currently using a Celestia on his current life and while it seems powerful I would rather keep open the idea of a bard doing CC for EEs. Right now about the time i have everything hit with a song Tobril has run in hit his 18 cleave buttons and woken the whole area with the Sunburst effect. Balisarde, would do a ton of work. Java is mostly way under geared (like most of my alts) so it wouldn’t be a bad call. But the dps would be a joke. Mornh, isn’t bad at all, but I have stunning/seeker covered in the off hand. So then there was the dagger and the bastard sword. Both are good, Agony wouldn’t need a feat swap but is less good then Nightmare. Which is all upside other then that whole the only bastard sword i have is it thing.

Okay so debate; what one handed web weapon is the best for a melee dog?

Also keep warm thoughts in mind for KS this week. Damn it is like hell is freezing over.