When i play a game i often end up thinking about other things as i play. Yesterday, the lady Brits were on their newest TR run (on iconics) doing the minotaur village quest. And as i always do i shouted over voice  HammmmmmBERGER!!!! In my best impression of the chairman from Iron Chief America.

Why? Because that is what i think of when i think of minotaurs.

But i have noticed other repeating trends while doing certain quests. Like any time i am running across a large zone going from point A to B watching the map, i hear the Indiana Jones travel music.

What pops in your head during game?





5 thoughts on “HammmmmmBERGER!!!!

  1. Whenever I go through portals I like to jump and imagine my character striking a pose like in Austin Powers. Or whenever I solo quests (it’s rare, but it happens) I sing the “lonely, I’m so lonely…” song over and over again.

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