Time for Another TR?

I have spent the last few DDo hours on Javabot. By doing/cleaning up some destiny stuff I have gotten him in fairly good shape. Dps is up a little, I am using the Nightmare at the moment. So 2.5+.5(1d10) 17-20 with a so so Str score but by tweaking my destinies and maxing out others i am not using i have some room for twists i didn’t have before. Namely the cold burst from Draconic but having that allows me to return to Primal Avatar as a main destiny for most questing and Fury for the other quests.

Overall it is working out fine.

But tweaking feats and enhancements lead me to another issue, namely i am missing out on another channel for defense, DODGE.

When i last TRed Java dodge was not a thing so tanking dex for wis/con/str was fine. I mean i wanted a tripping hp having dps caster. And for a long time it worked. But change a few things like -4 bab vs -X% (i think it is -25%) for non- proficiency and make dodge one of the better defensive channels available…

What i am saying is i could use a few more tweaks.

Now i have a +4 dex tome in Java with a base of 8 that makes dex 12. You need 13 for dodge (which opens up improved dodge and 4 good legs) which is only 6% more but still that is a big jump and return to more or less immune to knock downs. So looking a round i do happen to have a 4 to 5 dex tome. I thought i did, and i could use it.


Tr again. I am trying to get my head around all the TR changes. But i think i could do the epic TR at 28 then back to 1 and have more or less the same build with a few tweaks like 9 dex and maybe a hair more strength. Pick up one of them epic past lives and whatnot. Might be worth the hassle. I mean what else am i doing, right?



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