A Post Christmas Report

I know the title leaves something to be desired but you know why not?

For a week when Tobril came for a visit not a lot of DDo was played. That is fairly new, the last few visits have been DDo benders unlike those see before. I was a little worried (if I can be totally honest) about how much more we could play. I mean the next level is cutting out holes for buckets under the chairs so we wouldn’t have to get up. EVER!

Okay maybe not quite that extreme but I don’t think I am too far off.

But instead we did a few other things besides just DDo. Hell we even got in a actual pen and paper game. I know right. Totally strange. BTW, the end fight of that pnp game was against a red dragon. we totally powned it. It didn’t even get a second round. It was being all tricky but it sneak attacked Ben, Tobril’s little brother, revealing its location. I got off a lucky super crit thanks to power attack, vital strike, a few buffs and being a triceratops. Turns out that triceratops are super scary. Druids be dinosaurs whenever you can. They are very scary. That was an 164 point hit. Then the rest of the table proceeded to crit or hit very hard and the dragon didn’t have time to run away. Crunch.

In DDo news, Butterz has been getting more or less 100% of my play time this week even if that means i have to solo explorer areas or epic quests on normal. I want to recap her and get her top level gear sorted. Right now she is 27 so i am getting close. But gear is still very fuzzy. I think I will do a gear post later in the week.

Speaking of later in the week, I have more training for the post office this week, maybe. Thanks to some shifting around I got another route and i am only given 3 training and 1 shadow days until I am responsible for my route. I don’t want to burn them on a route just to get transferred to another route. Moving to this other route will also involve using one of those postal right hand drive trucks which means 8 and a half hours of driving to get cleared to drive one. Drive your own car/truck 0 training. Drive the government’s truck, lots of training.

Anyway, it all seems good to me for now.

Look for the new year review/resolutions post, spoiler alert getting some cash from Turbine might be high on the list.

Okay, need to go.



All by MyyyyyyySelf

Sorry for the long break, i was out last week due to training but I am 3/4s back as it is the crazy time of the year.

So far my ddo time has been mostly helping the wife get her sorc back to 20, we did Iconic TRs before i had to take off for training and when i left i had shot past her on Butterz and had to wait for her to catch up to Samius Jr which she did while i was gone. A little IQ and some Madness runs then a quick loop through an explorer zone or two and she was ready to lesser out that level of fighter and go pure sorc.

Mean while i have been working on Butterz, yesterday i logged on just in time to miss being able to play on her as everyone else was rocking parts of Web flagging that i wasn’t able to access due to other flagging. So much BS…

And today so far the Brits are rocking challenges (heroics) for bits to make some twink gear, ie not things for Butterz. But being a bard i took a page from Jerry’s book and made my own army. Albus and the gold seals dogs have been helpers more or less and i was able to knock out the first to king forest’s quests on elite. But i don’t think i can pull of the third one. Just to many places where singing and pulling mobs off solo for the beat down wont work…. Strange as i think if the song of the makers and the undead songs were working i might be able to do it. But there are just too many things that i cant song at the moment. 😦

I am not sure what i want to do now… If i could get past the first chain i think i could do the second solo… grumble… I might need to see if i cant catch someone to rock the next two with me. idk…


Anyway, i hope you all have a Merry Christmas and i will hopely have some more content for you all this week.

I will be looking for a DnD/Christmas theme ecard for you all.


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Saving Samius ep 1

For a while now i have wanted (no) needed to get some different stories of my life out as i think it would make a fair book. The over arching theme is how shitty my live was before Dungeons and Dragons and how playing D&D turned my live around and kept me from going on a murderous rampage ending only by suicide by cop. Anyway here is the first installment it is not real long 16-17sh mins.

Let me know what you think.

Saving Samius: How Dungeons & Dragons Saved Me.

Joke or Grieving

So i was hanging out in game today mindlessly grinding slayer kills before having to go get the boy from school and i see the following:

“4 chests in Zawabi’s Revenge EH?” – Player X
“Maybe I should take screen shot for forums – how do I take screen shot” – Player X

Where i was in a funny mood and replied Alt+f4…

Well long story short this guy did it. /faceplam

He did say he dualboxed it so worse case he had to log back in. Then i get the following:

“reported by the way – and sending to producers twitter also”
“ty for making lose chests”
“samium garumbo”

Where i fixed his spelling for him, it is Samius Gurobo afterall.

“good luck with the job hope Erik has a sense of humor about you grieving players for no reason”

I am not going to get in lolz tells or anything like that but you know what if you can’t take a joke then you can go. Okay i lied i did get one that made me laugh.

Kazuaru tells you, ‘what a tool… is there ANYONE who has ever used a computer before that doesnt know alt f4 is the windows shutdown command?’

Kazuaru tells you, ‘i mean, obviously there was one just a few minutes ago 😀 but now there shouldnt be any more.’

You tell Kazuaru, ‘i didnt think so. I replied last i checked commonsense was fairly uncommon’

Oh man. So people are just too funny.


The Sad Bard?

So the thing on Sarlona is that PDKs are sad kids…. at least the male PDKS…. My plan is to make my bard very bangable. What lady Horcs are very fit. 🙂 Hmmm Smexy.

Okay i digress.

I have been looking at the epic past life feats (I will admit that I hadn’t taken a hard look at them) and i have to say some of them are fairly tight. Skill Mastery stands out to me, if you want to cross class trapper you often need all the help you can get. Colors of the Queen seems good and one on the guildies is really enjoying it. But right now i just can’t decide if it is worth the points for me at the moment. Because if i am reading this right you need the epic heart to go from 28 to 0 then there is some Karma loss but the wiki doesn’t say how much. So i am not sure.

What are the requirements? IDK… Right now my melee sphere is like 4/4/3 i think and that is only because i wanted to twist in cocoon and renewal while leveling to 28. Speaking of i have a lesser epic xp tome rarely used xp pots and went from 21 to 28 mostly doing eE quests with some eHards and i have been 28 for a week now and i have less then 2500 of those new com thingies (taking them over all other loot 99.9999% of the time). Don’t you need like 4200? And wasn’t that number chosen by people doing eHards to the cap? Me thinks someones maths were bad. I get wanting to get people to buy them from the store but or to grind them out after they hit 28 but come on. Tobril right now is just planing to be able to use the in game turn-in like every third epic tr. That seems crazy.

I don’t know. Unless feed back rolls in that i just must do the epic TR i think i will just heroic in to my PDK build. Speaking of if you are on Salrona and have a +1 heart for trade let me know. Sure Grim i know you said you would take a look but might as well cast a large net you know. I could also use my +20 heart but i think i would like to save it just incase i really fuck something up.

Okay i am going to peace out.