While We R Playing ep9 (Tobril’s werd Vomit)

Here is the newest While We R Playing. I know there is some audio issues but nothing i thought that would make it unplayable.

Might need to find yet another headset. Or better yet a mixing board. That could clean up a lot of these issues.

While We R Playing ep 8 (The one with Jerry)

Time for another While We R Playing, today we are joined by a special guest and run a round doing elite vale quests. Also I want to let you know i am traveling for training again this week.

To Download: whilewerplayingep8

While We R Playing ep 6 (Abbot Training Sir!)

What kind of Training, Soilder?

Abbbbbbbbbbot Training, SIR! Abbot Training, SIR!

I really don’t know why but every time Tobril and I do one of these training runs (Mostly the Abbot) this scene pops into my head. Maybe because we take a a lot of newbs and shape them into a bunch of killers!

Btw not only did we record it but we live streamed it over at http://www.twitch.tv/samiusgurobo/ . Yep you could have seen what i saw and wondered how and the hell could i cast the wrong spells so many times in a row…

Or Download: whilewerplayingep6

Don’t know what i am talking about? One, you are too damn young. And two, i have a clip for you.

While We R Playing ep 3 (DG and NEW Content)

Hi all. Yep time for ep 3, this time we get most of the guild on not everyone but most. We saddle up and rock one of the new quests even now i am not 100% what it’s name was… But that is all in the show. There could be spoilers but i don’t think so. Anyway show link: Here!

EDITED: Paid for the upgrade to host from here and there was much rejoicing.

Or Download: whilewerplayingep3


While We R Playing (Poking Tobril with a Stick)

The first While We R Playing podcast is live on my google drive @ My goggle drive

EDITED: Paid for the upgrade to host from here and there was much rejoicing.

Or Download: whilewerplayingep1

Leave feed back here if you like it. I need a good idea of the number of people that would download this to see if the cost of hosting Mp3s on this site is worth wild.