While We R Playing ep 6 (Abbot Training Sir!)

What kind of Training, Soilder?

Abbbbbbbbbbot Training, SIR! Abbot Training, SIR!

I really don’t know why but every time Tobril and I do one of these training runs (Mostly the Abbot) this scene pops into my head. Maybe because we take a a lot of newbs and shape them into a bunch of killers!

Btw not only did we record it but we live streamed it over at http://www.twitch.tv/samiusgurobo/ . Yep you could have seen what i saw and wondered how and the hell could i cast the wrong spells so many times in a row…

Or Download: whilewerplayingep6

Don’t know what i am talking about? One, you are too damn young. And two, i have a clip for you.

2 thoughts on “While We R Playing ep 6 (Abbot Training Sir!)

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