The Sad Bard?

So the thing on Sarlona is that PDKs are sad kids…. at least the male PDKS…. My plan is to make my bard very bangable. What lady Horcs are very fit. 🙂 Hmmm Smexy.

Okay i digress.

I have been looking at the epic past life feats (I will admit that I hadn’t taken a hard look at them) and i have to say some of them are fairly tight. Skill Mastery stands out to me, if you want to cross class trapper you often need all the help you can get. Colors of the Queen seems good and one on the guildies is really enjoying it. But right now i just can’t decide if it is worth the points for me at the moment. Because if i am reading this right you need the epic heart to go from 28 to 0 then there is some Karma loss but the wiki doesn’t say how much. So i am not sure.

What are the requirements? IDK… Right now my melee sphere is like 4/4/3 i think and that is only because i wanted to twist in cocoon and renewal while leveling to 28. Speaking of i have a lesser epic xp tome rarely used xp pots and went from 21 to 28 mostly doing eE quests with some eHards and i have been 28 for a week now and i have less then 2500 of those new com thingies (taking them over all other loot 99.9999% of the time). Don’t you need like 4200? And wasn’t that number chosen by people doing eHards to the cap? Me thinks someones maths were bad. I get wanting to get people to buy them from the store but or to grind them out after they hit 28 but come on. Tobril right now is just planing to be able to use the in game turn-in like every third epic tr. That seems crazy.

I don’t know. Unless feed back rolls in that i just must do the epic TR i think i will just heroic in to my PDK build. Speaking of if you are on Salrona and have a +1 heart for trade let me know. Sure Grim i know you said you would take a look but might as well cast a large net you know. I could also use my +20 heart but i think i would like to save it just incase i really fuck something up.

Okay i am going to peace out.


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