Joke or Grieving

So i was hanging out in game today mindlessly grinding slayer kills before having to go get the boy from school and i see the following:

“4 chests in Zawabi’s Revenge EH?” – Player X
“Maybe I should take screen shot for forums – how do I take screen shot” – Player X

Where i was in a funny mood and replied Alt+f4…

Well long story short this guy did it. /faceplam

He did say he dualboxed it so worse case he had to log back in. Then i get the following:

“reported by the way – and sending to producers twitter also”
“ty for making lose chests”
“samium garumbo”

Where i fixed his spelling for him, it is Samius Gurobo afterall.

“good luck with the job hope Erik has a sense of humor about you grieving players for no reason”

I am not going to get in lolz tells or anything like that but you know what if you can’t take a joke then you can go. Okay i lied i did get one that made me laugh.

Kazuaru tells you, ‘what a tool… is there ANYONE who has ever used a computer before that doesnt know alt f4 is the windows shutdown command?’

Kazuaru tells you, ‘i mean, obviously there was one just a few minutes ago 😀 but now there shouldnt be any more.’

You tell Kazuaru, ‘i didnt think so. I replied last i checked commonsense was fairly uncommon’

Oh man. So people are just too funny.


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