Gurobo Farm Update: 4.11.14

So i am not 100% sure how it happened, exactly…. But now we have a bunny. A super sweet Angora Bunny. Which naturally leads to the next to pictures of the boys (Remmie and one of his friends) dissimbling some rescued pallets from work so i could cobble together the last picture. Aka, rabbit run for nice days outside.

So bunny.

So bunny.

2014-04-10 15.41.52

Yes my son is the one in red with the loooong hair and he is huge.

One Bunny Run

One Bunny Run

I hope it looks super rustic and cobbled together, because that was the look i was going for when building it. On the other hand i have gotten this (below Video) more or less ready.

Now i feel we are ready for the ducks to arrive in about a month. Might even put some fish in the duck pond for the summer. Not sure about that yet.

Stepping into the greenhouse lets do a tomato side-by-side.

I realize that the pick of the aquaponic plant isn’t so great but it was REALLY bright outside and i couldn’t see the screen on my phone… But it more or less looks like the ones in soil but bigger.

2014-04-11 12.42.26

About 4 inches tall.

2014-04-11 12.43.08

2014-04-11 12.43.13

A head of Romaine we ate last week, placed in one of the dutch buckets. It is really taking off.


2014-04-11 12.41.58

Trying to hang a cucumber this year. My hope is it will climb the fence and help shade everything else some when it gets HOT.

2014-04-11 12.41.51

Swish chard is roaring back from its hard winter. So much so as it has been hot dog and brats buns for the last week or so. Along with a spinach and lettuce leaf. You can also see some of the straw berries plants, what you can’t see is that some of them are already fruiting.

2014-04-11 12.41.37

Grapes are waking up. The ones out side are still asleep.



2014-04-11 12.41.44

Garlic – Top – first year to try them. So far so good. Ghost and Devil Peppers – bottom – also first year. Not sure how they are doing yet really.

Last big news is we added our first fruit tree. It is a 4 breed monster cherry tree, i can’t remember the different kinds but there are 2 early fruiters and 2 late fruiters. We hope is that it will fruit this year (it should even if there will not be a ton) but if not this year it should next year. This weekend we will be getting some of those stone rings and getting it mulched real good.  I added like 8 or 9 eggs to the soil around the tree. I read an article how eggs are great time realize fertilizer as well as good eats.  I am testing that out with some tomato plants in the greenhouse as well but i wanted to go ahead and get some in hear as well as i really want to make this happen for the wife. Speaking of the wife now that we have one fruit tree she is thinking she might want another for the backyard. And the is more talk in the house about getting a lemon tree for inside. Think i might have made some growing monsters. 🙂

2014-04-10 11.17.59

The Cherry tree.

What are you doing this year garden wise? I know you have some room so don’t give me any grief on that one. Go plant something.




Gurobo Farm update Aug 8

Here is the video i took Thursday before heading on my weekend getaway with the wife. Youtube is “smoothing” the video out. Had my phone auto uploaded it to YouTube like i had the other one setup to do, I think you would have gotten this video last week.

Anyway this is a little video of things. The rosters are gone now and there is one less thing for the wife to have to deal with in her day to day life.

Well hope you enjoy.

Link to YouTube Vid…


My Prep List, May 17, 2013

Everyone once and I while I get on my soapbox and talk about my prepping, what I am doing and or why you might want to do some prepping. And it is that time again. Below is some of my to-do list and the why should be fairly easy to see right now take a look at the BS that is going on in the world today.

Things I need to do.

Put a few plans to keep the green house cool in the summer heat in place. Even with the cross breeze and the box fan we are having 95+ afternoons already in the green house.

Get the Aquaponics in and running. Right now I am hopping for rain so I can use rainwater to fill the fish tank. I have plumbed the rain catch to the fish tank via a garden hose that I can add or remove in just a few mins. So water changes wont be an issue in the future. But that means I need some water first…

Adjust the shelves in the Shelfreliance, turns out that I use a lot of canned meat like chicken and crabmeat. Right now the crab is in the Shelfreliance but the chicken is just sitting on top. Need to get them in the rotation. We also have gotten a lot of crap out of the family diet and those canned goods can go to make room for better-canned goods or things we can ourselves. See next item.

Learn to can myself AND get some canning supplies. If we stay on track in the garden (and I am hopeful) the wife and I will have our best year ever. Meaning we will have a ton of left overs to store for the year, ergo canning, freezing or dehydration time. Honestly if I am going to use frozen veggies I might as just stock up on cleaned chopped flash frozen veggies from the store. But if I can make my own pickles from my Orca or keep things in a mini root cellar then I am winning.

Start planning on the cold weather crops and how to keep them growing all winter long.

Well that seems like a fine list for today. I will end with some photos taken during my lunch break watering the garden.


Trays 1-4 and Qywnn

The Backside of the tomato plants.

Salad waiting on the left and look at my watermelon go! (right)

One of the Strawberries baskets.

Front side of the tomatoes.


One of now 6 Grape Plants. Count down until wine making classes?