My Undead Monster?



This is my current take on the Melee Wizard. Right now most of my gear is laughable, this is another guy that got to 20/22 and just stopped getting played much. I knocked out his third life as a rogue/figher to make soloing to cap fast and easy and for the most part it was.

How much of this do i really need to explain? 17 wiz is for Power Werd Killz, if you can live with out it then you might only need between 12 and 15 wizard levels. For me i want Otto’s and Power Werd Stun so 15 is my personal minimum for a melee caster.

Main defenses are miss chances, Wrath form, Blur/Displacement and Hps. I think i can work in a 30 -40 PRR with the right items and what not and i want to max out my dodge. Think right now it is like 8% with only feats to add to dodge.  It is also worth saying i took all the ways to get Radiant Forcefield effect. I didn’t love the idea of a triggered cast based on my live total but then i tried it and i dig it. Sure it cuts down on incoming damage so you can heal up but it is also a HUGE VISUAL CLUE! And that is huge when you are playing a super busy character, it is easy to lose track of your HPs in the thick of things.

Things that might be confusing. That one point in Int on the EKnight tree, that was an messup. I was trying to spend the 30 points for the top tear when i realized that i just didn’t have the points for it and the dwarf/Pm lines i wanted, went to hit cancel and hit Cool Cool instead…. I was too cheep at that moment to bother fixing it. I will clean it up later.  Why didn’t i nab that last level in the dragon mark? Think i will when i fix that Int point, but really the thing i thought was most important in the dwarf tree was Con to damage then the forcefield after that i wanted to get into the Class PREs and i just didn’t have extra points to take the ranged grapnel.  Lastly i really like how just those few points really sang in the Assassin tree. That is a lot of dps for not a lot of points, a really great return.

Well i hope to get some time on this character soon. But i feel that he will always feel behind until i gear him out really well and i am not sure how motivated  i am to do that right now.





2 thoughts on “My Undead Monster?

  1. I’ll be interested to see how he does. I’m game for farming at the weekend 🙂

    Also that’s the first time I’ve noticed what his last name is – awesome!

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