Random Encounters, 4-3

You find yourself tired and hungry after your encounter with the dogs and your ratios are gone. In the distance you hear the sound of running water. Approaching you see a small waterfall flowing in to a small pool before heading of into a small stream. A quick (and low) Knowledge:  Nature points out the abundance of fish, frogs and other easy to catch and cook dinner opportunities.

A quick hour later you have gathered yourself a small feast and you know that your survival instructor would be pleased. You start a fire and get ready to clean your catch when you see:



Roll a Knowledge:  Nature check!

Doesn’t matter what you got you know you are screwed! She is way out of your league. Time to hope and pray for a fast death if things go down hill.


The Nymph explains that this is her pond and she doesn’t care overly much for those that would take such a bounty. But she offers you a choice you can let your catch go and answer her riddle or let your catch go and run.

She giggles and your heart skips a beat, “Or i guess, you can just die and i can let your dinner go….”

Quickly you let the fish fall into the pond, she smiles and gives you the following riddle.

“Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?”


Options: Run, Solve, Fight

Run: You get away earn 100 xp end up eating some tree bark.

Solve: Write the answer down and then check the comments where i will post the answer on Monday. Get it right earn 300Xp and score a free dinner as the nymph summons you some tasty Fried Chicken and a Mountain Dew!  Get it wrong earn 100xp for trying and the nymph summons you a bowl of grubs and the sugar ants and does the worst “Crocodile Dundee” impression ever “Well, you can live on it, but it taste like shit.”

Fight: You die as a lighting bolt flies down from the sky and fries you up real good. Roll a new character.  What? I never said i would killz you just cause. Dangers of playing dnd over the internets with a crazy DM….




Random Encounter, 3-26

Okay, i know i have been a little lax lately, mostly distracted with things like looking for work and working on outside. It is starting to green up a little, and in the green house things are looking good. Anyway i had an idea for quick but creative content, Random Encounters.

How this will work; make yourself a first level dnd character. Name, class, stats, weapon (non magic/non special) with a to hit and damage for said weapon, feats, other whatnots and HPs! Keep track of those Hps they will carry over each encounter until you rest.

Today, is your first day post adventurer school, you just graduated from Wand’s School of Dungeon Crawling and you on your way home to for a break before meeting up with a group of classmates to start your adventuring career.


Your just chill’n walking home…. when Two wild dogs attack!

You have 4 options.

Run, Fight, or try to Feed them and class options like hold animal or some shit.

Run: roll a d20 on a 15-20 you evade if you fail you are forced to fight and get no xp for running away. If you do run away you get 100xp.

Fight: roll initiative, the dogs will go on a 12 (7Hp – 1 bite attack +2/1d4+1) and 5(4Hp  – 1 bite attack +2/1d4+1) and will attack first if able. Dogs will run off when one dog drops to 2 or less hps. If you win you get 400 xp. If you loose you wake up some unknown amount of time (at 1 hp) later with your pack ripped open your food gone and your other meager items destroyed or randomly scattered all over the trail. (50 xp)

Feed: roll initiative, like Fight above. During your action you can bribe the dogs with your hard tack even if they are attacking you but once you attack one of them then they can not be bribed any longer and you have to Fight it out as above. To bribe the dogs you must roll a 11+ on a d20. On a roll of 17+ you become pack leader and you get 2 new pets. At least for a little bit. For feeding the dogs you get 400xp. If you have to Fight use the Fight xp given.

Class abilities: If you have something like a class skill or ability you want to use look at Fight roll initiative and then use the Dog @ dandwiki to find your results. Again 400 xp for winning with your class ability or use the Fight block.


Okay if you like this and want to see more let me know. I can do a few of these a month no problem.





Lets all go on an Adventure

So if you all remember one of my goals for the year is to write and if necessary e-publish my own pnp adventure. And i have been working on it on and off in the back of my head for a while now. I have a start (the hook/how to set it) and the overall scope but i am getting fuzzy on the details. So my brain has been tooling a round a few ideas and i want to run them by you.

I think i want to tie in to the DDo setting for this module, ie i want to set things in Stormreach and use some of the npcs and some of the locations. Ideally i wouldn’t use more back story then necessary so non-ddo people could pick up the module and with a few tweaks plop it into their campaign. But i really like the idea of using a back drop that anyone can see for the cost of downloading the game and playing for free for 5 mins.

The other there is always like a mouth watering description that gets the ball rolling on opening your wallet. Like this one from on of my personal favorite quests ever.

“Lost within the ruined House Cannith citadel of Whitehearth, an arcane workshop somewhere in the perilous Mournland, is the key to constructing a terrible magic weapon. Agents of the Emerald Claw will stop at nothing to recover the ancient device. As malevolent forces hunt for the artifact, only the most resourceful heroes will reach Whitehearth first and discover the secrets that lie within.” – Shadows of the Last War

If that got you a little bothered you can buy the pdf here.

So with that in mind this is what i got.

“Magic Items are disappearing from all over the city from the mundane to the extraordinary. The Coin Lords have put out a huge bounty on anyone that can stop this horrific crime spree. The local thieves guild has an even larger prize for anyone that can give them the secret to this mysterious criminal master’s success.

Who’s side are you one?”



A Post Christmas Report

I know the title leaves something to be desired but you know why not?

For a week when Tobril came for a visit not a lot of DDo was played. That is fairly new, the last few visits have been DDo benders unlike those see before. I was a little worried (if I can be totally honest) about how much more we could play. I mean the next level is cutting out holes for buckets under the chairs so we wouldn’t have to get up. EVER!

Okay maybe not quite that extreme but I don’t think I am too far off.

But instead we did a few other things besides just DDo. Hell we even got in a actual pen and paper game. I know right. Totally strange. BTW, the end fight of that pnp game was against a red dragon. we totally powned it. It didn’t even get a second round. It was being all tricky but it sneak attacked Ben, Tobril’s little brother, revealing its location. I got off a lucky super crit thanks to power attack, vital strike, a few buffs and being a triceratops. Turns out that triceratops are super scary. Druids be dinosaurs whenever you can. They are very scary. That was an 164 point hit. Then the rest of the table proceeded to crit or hit very hard and the dragon didn’t have time to run away. Crunch.

In DDo news, Butterz has been getting more or less 100% of my play time this week even if that means i have to solo explorer areas or epic quests on normal. I want to recap her and get her top level gear sorted. Right now she is 27 so i am getting close. But gear is still very fuzzy. I think I will do a gear post later in the week.

Speaking of later in the week, I have more training for the post office this week, maybe. Thanks to some shifting around I got another route and i am only given 3 training and 1 shadow days until I am responsible for my route. I don’t want to burn them on a route just to get transferred to another route. Moving to this other route will also involve using one of those postal right hand drive trucks which means 8 and a half hours of driving to get cleared to drive one. Drive your own car/truck 0 training. Drive the government’s truck, lots of training.

Anyway, it all seems good to me for now.

Look for the new year review/resolutions post, spoiler alert getting some cash from Turbine might be high on the list.

Okay, need to go.



Another DDolite Weekend 6/17

Once again real live decided to keep me from my keyboard but this time it allowed me to see some old pnp friends and get in about 13 hours of pnp in. Yes I skipped DDo for Dnd. Good times.

One of my good friends, Dustin, finally decided to become exclusive/official with the girl he has been dating for a while now. And she is a fairly thoughtful person and wanted to get him a really great birthday gift for their first Bday together, so she arranged a surprise Dnd weekend. A lot of us drove up (some as far as 5 hours one way) to rock some dice and good times were had by all.

Via private messaging (to keep the surprise) I said I would do the healer thing and decided I would do a melee/healing druid. Very much in the style of a DDo druid with one exception I would rock out as a dinosaur. Let me tell you there I not a lot more badass guys then an Ankylosaurus.

You have to handle some size issues but there is not a lot more scary then having an attack of +2 (greater magic fang) 3d6 + 1d6 +24 + power attack (6) on a healer at level 6….

Sam Smash.

It was lots of fun and I can’t leave with out a short story of some of the good times.

During one fight, the party was fighting (mostly zombies) at this logging camp with outbuildings and tall overseer tower. The party leader (the Bday boy) and the wizard were more or less opening a door to the camp and thowing a fireball into the room mostly clearing them so I wasn’t doing a ton. Then our sniper decided to use the tower for a major height advantage he was attacked by what was clearly the boss of this area. So I wild shaped into a pterodactyl and took the fight into the air, which was fun if short as a pterodactyl also has a big attack.

So I just flew around waiting for something major worth getting into for a few rounds. When the party was running away from a few bug swarms into storage area for storing felled trees out of the rain a huge bug burst out of the ground throwing logs all around a was about to really tear into the party (that was trailing a few bug swarms behind them).

I flew up some more above the fight and wild shaped from the pterodactyl into an Ankylosaurus more or less one shoting this super bug. Guess having 3 tons of heavy fall on your head is bad news… It was the first time Jen, Dustin’s girl, ever saw “the blue whale” attack and many good times was had.

Well back to work.