Random Encounter, 3-26

Okay, i know i have been a little lax lately, mostly distracted with things like looking for work and working on outside. It is starting to green up a little, and in the green house things are looking good. Anyway i had an idea for quick but creative content, Random Encounters.

How this will work; make yourself a first level dnd character. Name, class, stats, weapon (non magic/non special) with a to hit and damage for said weapon, feats, other whatnots and HPs! Keep track of those Hps they will carry over each encounter until you rest.

Today, is your first day post adventurer school, you just graduated from Wand’s School of Dungeon Crawling and you on your way home to for a break before meeting up with a group of classmates to start your adventuring career.


Your just chill’n walking home…. when Two wild dogs attack!

You have 4 options.

Run, Fight, or try to Feed them and class options like hold animal or some shit.

Run: roll a d20 on a 15-20 you evade if you fail you are forced to fight and get no xp for running away. If you do run away you get 100xp.

Fight: roll initiative, the dogs will go on a 12 (7Hp – 1 bite attack +2/1d4+1) and 5(4Hp  – 1 bite attack +2/1d4+1) and will attack first if able. Dogs will run off when one dog drops to 2 or less hps. If you win you get 400 xp. If you loose you wake up some unknown amount of time (at 1 hp) later with your pack ripped open your food gone and your other meager items destroyed or randomly scattered all over the trail. (50 xp)

Feed: roll initiative, like Fight above. During your action you can bribe the dogs with your hard tack even if they are attacking you but once you attack one of them then they can not be bribed any longer and you have to Fight it out as above. To bribe the dogs you must roll a 11+ on a d20. On a roll of 17+ you become pack leader and you get 2 new pets. At least for a little bit. For feeding the dogs you get 400xp. If you have to Fight use the Fight xp given.

Class abilities: If you have something like a class skill or ability you want to use look at Fight roll initiative and then use the Dog @ dandwiki to find your results. Again 400 xp for winning with your class ability or use the Fight block.


Okay if you like this and want to see more let me know. I can do a few of these a month no problem.





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