Another DDolite Weekend 6/17

Once again real live decided to keep me from my keyboard but this time it allowed me to see some old pnp friends and get in about 13 hours of pnp in. Yes I skipped DDo for Dnd. Good times.

One of my good friends, Dustin, finally decided to become exclusive/official with the girl he has been dating for a while now. And she is a fairly thoughtful person and wanted to get him a really great birthday gift for their first Bday together, so she arranged a surprise Dnd weekend. A lot of us drove up (some as far as 5 hours one way) to rock some dice and good times were had by all.

Via private messaging (to keep the surprise) I said I would do the healer thing and decided I would do a melee/healing druid. Very much in the style of a DDo druid with one exception I would rock out as a dinosaur. Let me tell you there I not a lot more badass guys then an Ankylosaurus.

You have to handle some size issues but there is not a lot more scary then having an attack of +2 (greater magic fang) 3d6 + 1d6 +24 + power attack (6) on a healer at level 6….

Sam Smash.

It was lots of fun and I can’t leave with out a short story of some of the good times.

During one fight, the party was fighting (mostly zombies) at this logging camp with outbuildings and tall overseer tower. The party leader (the Bday boy) and the wizard were more or less opening a door to the camp and thowing a fireball into the room mostly clearing them so I wasn’t doing a ton. Then our sniper decided to use the tower for a major height advantage he was attacked by what was clearly the boss of this area. So I wild shaped into a pterodactyl and took the fight into the air, which was fun if short as a pterodactyl also has a big attack.

So I just flew around waiting for something major worth getting into for a few rounds. When the party was running away from a few bug swarms into storage area for storing felled trees out of the rain a huge bug burst out of the ground throwing logs all around a was about to really tear into the party (that was trailing a few bug swarms behind them).

I flew up some more above the fight and wild shaped from the pterodactyl into an Ankylosaurus more or less one shoting this super bug. Guess having 3 tons of heavy fall on your head is bad news… It was the first time Jen, Dustin’s girl, ever saw “the blue whale” attack and many good times was had.

Well back to work.