Random Encounters, 4-3

You find yourself tired and hungry after your encounter with the dogs and your ratios are gone. In the distance you hear the sound of running water. Approaching you see a small waterfall flowing in to a small pool before heading of into a small stream. A quick (and low) Knowledge:  Nature points out the abundance of fish, frogs and other easy to catch and cook dinner opportunities.

A quick hour later you have gathered yourself a small feast and you know that your survival instructor would be pleased. You start a fire and get ready to clean your catch when you see:



Roll a Knowledge:  Nature check!

Doesn’t matter what you got you know you are screwed! She is way out of your league. Time to hope and pray for a fast death if things go down hill.


The Nymph explains that this is her pond and she doesn’t care overly much for those that would take such a bounty. But she offers you a choice you can let your catch go and answer her riddle or let your catch go and run.

She giggles and your heart skips a beat, “Or i guess, you can just die and i can let your dinner go….”

Quickly you let the fish fall into the pond, she smiles and gives you the following riddle.

“Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?”


Options: Run, Solve, Fight

Run: You get away earn 100 xp end up eating some tree bark.

Solve: Write the answer down and then check the comments where i will post the answer on Monday. Get it right earn 300Xp and score a free dinner as the nymph summons you some tasty Fried Chicken and a Mountain Dew!  Get it wrong earn 100xp for trying and the nymph summons you a bowl of grubs and the sugar ants and does the worst “Crocodile Dundee” impression ever “Well, you can live on it, but it taste like shit.”

Fight: You die as a lighting bolt flies down from the sky and fries you up real good. Roll a new character.  What? I never said i would killz you just cause. Dangers of playing dnd over the internets with a crazy DM….




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