A Post Christmas Report

I know the title leaves something to be desired but you know why not?

For a week when Tobril came for a visit not a lot of DDo was played. That is fairly new, the last few visits have been DDo benders unlike those see before. I was a little worried (if I can be totally honest) about how much more we could play. I mean the next level is cutting out holes for buckets under the chairs so we wouldn’t have to get up. EVER!

Okay maybe not quite that extreme but I don’t think I am too far off.

But instead we did a few other things besides just DDo. Hell we even got in a actual pen and paper game. I know right. Totally strange. BTW, the end fight of that pnp game was against a red dragon. we totally powned it. It didn’t even get a second round. It was being all tricky but it sneak attacked Ben, Tobril’s little brother, revealing its location. I got off a lucky super crit thanks to power attack, vital strike, a few buffs and being a triceratops. Turns out that triceratops are super scary. Druids be dinosaurs whenever you can. They are very scary. That was an 164 point hit. Then the rest of the table proceeded to crit or hit very hard and the dragon didn’t have time to run away. Crunch.

In DDo news, Butterz has been getting more or less 100% of my play time this week even if that means i have to solo explorer areas or epic quests on normal. I want to recap her and get her top level gear sorted. Right now she is 27 so i am getting close. But gear is still very fuzzy. I think I will do a gear post later in the week.

Speaking of later in the week, I have more training for the post office this week, maybe. Thanks to some shifting around I got another route and i am only given 3 training and 1 shadow days until I am responsible for my route. I don’t want to burn them on a route just to get transferred to another route. Moving to this other route will also involve using one of those postal right hand drive trucks which means 8 and a half hours of driving to get cleared to drive one. Drive your own car/truck 0 training. Drive the government’s truck, lots of training.

Anyway, it all seems good to me for now.

Look for the new year review/resolutions post, spoiler alert getting some cash from Turbine might be high on the list.

Okay, need to go.



One thought on “A Post Christmas Report

  1. Hey Samius,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Last couple days I have noticed the DDO Launcher downloads and installs some Dot Net or C+++ executable. I have to elevate privilege to allow this install to occur. Is this normal every time I launch the DDO client? It is quite annoying.

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