Resolutions 2014

Well it is that time of the new year where we all say we are going to do things and then don’t. Or do we.

Thanks Tobril


Well not here. Here we take time to review a few times during the year and see if we are on track and then there is a end of year review.

So last year i had 5 goals.

Focus more on work at work, an area where I feel I massively improved. I cut out forums and most other distractions. For all the good it ended up doing for me.

Add in more learning materials in my reading, this i was so so at best. My personal reading time waxed a waned but i was able to get some things in just not as much as I would have liked.

Leading, other then the Defense Guild i haven’t lead shit. That said raiding is mostly dead right now anyway so there is that.

Be more grateful when the loot gods favor anyone, here i think i made some fairly long strides. Heck just the other day Grim got some fat lootz and i was 90% happy for her, 5% jealous, 5% wondering if the item even worked.

Be more forgiving in game, while i think i have improved some i think i will keep this one on the list. I remember tilting hard and then rage quiting at least 3 or 4 times in the last year. Seems like I still need some work.


Okay lets hit some goals.

Be more forgiving in game, easy. Well not to do, but easy to add to the list.

Gencon weight loss, with everything that happened at the end of the year I got off my diet and slipped into a real gluttonous mindset. As a result I have grown in the bad way, aka around. Time to get motivated again. I am not looking to be in amazing shape by Gencon but not winded as I fast walk/slow jog between events would be nice.

Education, I need to work on that. And i need to make it a larger focus of my life. I just need to figure out what areas I want/need to grow and just do it. For a while i had a fairly solid schedule of reading and reporting. Maybe i need to do something like that again. You people keep my honest.

Podcasting, I need to get a plan down for things. Right now my headset is shot and i have a replacement on the way but once it is hear i need to get back to knocking out the different podcasts including some of the pay for stories of Saveing Samius. There are some real gems that I want to get payed for.  Plus i want to start a Google Hangout min Pod with Tobril. Maybe i can finally make that happen.

I like to have 5…. I could do something about DDo like make a plan for Samius. Or due something with Magic like win something but the truth is I am just in a place where i am simi unfocused. I need to get on someplace full time, someplace with a future. Can i just say become gainfully employed someplace i love again? Or maybe that shouldn’t be in my goals as i am not 100% that is where i am meant to be. No lets do something else. I want to have a DnD module ready for the public. That is something i have wanted for a long time and ever done. Put out my own adventure. Well i guess 2014 is the year.

I also want to wish you all well. This year would have been even harder with out you all checking in on me and reading my poor spelled and wrambly mess i call a blog. So thank you all and



3 thoughts on “Resolutions 2014

  1. Wish you the best too. Maybe, just maybe, my buddy Chris and I will attend Gencon this year too. Would love to hang with you and your wife.

  2. All the best and may this year shock a rock. I’m with you on the reading idea. I want to diversify what I read beyond my required readings for school and the smut that I read non-stop whenever I get some free time. Happy new year!

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