When i am King

5 things i would do if i was the undisputed king of the US (maybe world not that up to date on the whole worlds issues) for a day.

1, Surround my house with a moat and line it with heads of my enemies. You know who you are. Yes, Bobby Flay you would be a real jewel in my collection.

2, Stream line the immigration process. Make thing much simpler for new immigrates to declare themselves and get started in the process.

This is where i get a little silly…

3, Order a trilogy of live action films by Shane Black/Jon Favreau team up based on the Guyver manga with instructions to stay as close to the source as possible.

4, The 3rd of July is now, Blow Job Day. Give a little get a little. Smiles all around.

5, Reorder the bug list in DDo. I don’t know where things are going but I could just about scream the other day when i hit a slew of Druid and Bard bugs all in a row. Grumble.


So what am i missing? If i expanded this list to 10 what would i add. Shit 10 things in a day? Who am i Superman?



2 thoughts on “When i am King

  1. 6. All collectibles and currencies exchangeable for a universal currency in DDO
    7. Real campaign financing reform
    8. Gnomes in DDO
    9. A new type of aerosol nerve gas that makes people sit down and talk reasonably
    10. Gnomes in real life

  2. I will never allow you to attain ‘king’ status. However, I am willing to make you ‘regional governor’ of the United States.

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