Javabot: 17/2/1 Report

Thought i would focus down and get some writing done today as apposed to hammering out a Commander MtG deck to learn that my General may or may not be banned just as i finish pass one of the deck. Not that this very thing happened yesterday….  grumble grumble

Anyway, thought i would do a little evaluation of things and see if i like them or not. 

First off Java is level 24 now, at the last moment i decided to go 17/2/1 druid/fighter/wiz. The way i have things setup right now is about how i thought they might. Just to make life a little easier i will just show you a pic of my enchantment setup and spell layout. I could show you my destiny bs, but as i am leveling off destinies i am using whatever happens to be worth a turdnugget and Engery Burst/Imp Power Attack and Endless Faith. 


Okay back to details, as best as i can figure my damage per hit is not where i want it to be in Exalted Angel i am hitting the training dummy for all of 50ish points, which is just sad.  But i have a native 33% double strike so that is more like what 66 per hit? Still poopy. But my attack speed is fair and i am still just using an epic Kron’zek’s Cruelty. Which is not a bad weapon but it is not great right at the moment. But i press on. 

Having a worth wild dodge score is weird. But might be worth some of the changes. That was why i took the last fighter level btw i could take mobility with that last feat. Distributed a well known player on Sarlona and a fairly new DG member made a compelling argument about erring on the side of not getting hit vs taking less damage. Not something i am used to doing with the AC system in this game, such as it is. 

My PRR is just gone. Like i never had any. With the exception of a belt with 14 PRR slotted in a green slot every thing is more or less the same and what was 79 PRR is now 5. I think i am just missing something, but i am not sure what and i don’t like it. Okay i found a little bit of the missing PRR. I normally twist in the Legendary Shield Mastery, but i was leveling that destiny so i didn’t need to twist it in. Guess i need to twist it back in… On the plus side my double strike will hit 40% with out boosts. 

Something i just noticed is the fact that i am missing 3 uses of Wild Empathy, not a huge deal on its own but i use those uses to power Flight and that is a big deal. 😦 

Over all it is still hard to say what is better. I am still a few levels away from my best weapons. But i think the Skullcrusher next level will be a beast again now that i am proficient. I might have to let Tobril talk me into more Lobs again to make a not small version of my shield that was an error on my part. 

Oh spells real fast. Even though i don’t have the spell slots to ready another form like i could before most of my core desires are covered as long as i prep the form i want to use before hand. But i am not impressed with some of my DCs even though i have my wisdom as high as i can make it can go at the moment. But most things trip or get shaken up but when things evade my Icy Burst i get a little pissed. 

Still leveling at the moment and if i cap out and i don’t like it i guess i will just use that +20 to pick up another life and rock a little closer to completionest.


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