Yesterday, I was catching up with Rach over on her blog everydaytangents when one of her posts spawned an idea. She was writing about her limited experience with vajazzling, something i had to Google a bit to get and idea of what the hell she was talking about and when i got it i was not surprised be say… Okay surprised will work… I was surprised that this was a thing. Guess it even has a fairly sweet spoke person, in Jennifer Love Hewitt. I mean if anyone’s vagina should sparkle, it has to be her’s right?

Anyway, Rach was going on about being ready to go for it and add a little shine to her treasure chest when she realized that a skin test might be in order and aborted. But what stuck me was the options she had in the kit her friend “gifted” to her. Hearts, Stars, Diamonds, Clovers and Balloons! Wait no that is Lucky Charms… Well I guess that is right.

But what is there for us nerdy people?

I mean maybe we need a Dragon or a Sword. Maybe a D20 or a mix of dice. Maybe the greatest wizards of all time. 10 different poses of

Dungeon Master!

Just saying if you want to go the extra mile to make your golden mound even more special what would be better then a natural 20?


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