I just want to say that i am fairly please where Samius is heading at the moment. I have returned to epic levels,  almost 27 actually and the new build is working out fairly well even though i am super under geared. The style is a little different but once i get a few key gear slots filled i should be fairly solid to stop kiting everything in sight forever. I have been able to keep my EE streak going even though i am soloing for the most part now during the weekdays. With my new job being in the afternoon i only get an hour or so to team up with the Brits if they even get on before i need to go. But it is not so bad. Maybe once i get a little more geared up i will even try my luck at a pug or two…. if i am drinking… of feeling overly generous.

Speaking of gear my trusty vorpal of rightness star now with icy burst, has been working over time. And i am trying to decide if i would rather hunt for a cool spell touched or start the Thunder Forged crafting… Maybe both?

I will leave you all with an image of me doing the first bit of the Lords of Dust. Yes i am giving people the purple ball of take less damage… I am not sure if it is Colors of the Queen or a new “perk” in double rainbow. But Dis used to get a ton of tasty ham barrels, i make my guys take less damage. Really who is the winner here?




Pew pew, Pling pling pling, Swish Thunk thunk thunk?

If a Bow goes Pew pew pew and a repeating xbow goes Pling pling pling; then a thrown weapon has to go Swish Thunk for each star, right? Seems right to me…

Oh yes by the way swapped that pesky mirthal body feat for Shuriken Expertise and picked up a normal level 1 +1 ninja star and while the damage is a little less then the bow it is more attacks per min then a bow any time manyshot is off. Feels very close to the repeater (if not slightly head) with out using any Endless Fusillade boosts with a 25ish dex and a maxed out Whirling Wrist. Sure if you need big burst damage pick up that repeater EF, swap to that bow and Manyshot then repeat step one but if the thing is not dead and you don’t want to close you can do worse then throwing a few stars around. Add in the Shiradi Champ stance proc %s and you can have a real mean toy.

Mostly for fun mind you…. But this weekend when my head was trying to talk me in to a dirt nap I tried to distract myself by having a little more fun then I maybe should have for EE quests… Ie there were lots of times I was totally ranged on my Juggernaut. Meaning other then those times when burst dps was needed my main weapon was a level one star and my Tovin’s Hammer…. I am not completely nuts…

On a none-crit hit I was getting about 45-55 points on the first number some times a little more but 2[1d2] doesn’t offer up a tone of damage range so most of that was putting my arm in to the damage. The Tovin’s helped a lot + it seems like there was always some kind of extra damage proc but still I was playing with a non-named-epic diced +1(+3 with the Arty Pre) weapon.

So clearly if I am going to keep fiddling with shuriken I will need a better toy to play with. So I do what I do when I want to find a better toy in DDo, I hit the ddowiki. Know what I found? There are 3 named shuriken 4 if you count crafting a greensteel shuriken.

BTW the plural for shuriken is shuriken…. From what I am reading making the plural the same as the single is a Japanese thing…

Anyway, other then the crafting option you have the Shadow Star, keen/deception and the Snowstar +2/Icy burst … Wow! But that is still more named weapons then the throwing Hammer….

What to do? Well I think with my options being two low level named items, crafting a Greensteel, working on an Alchemical, looking at Cannith crafting or rocking one of the 2 named items… the cheapest/best way to go is to look at using the Cannith crafting system….

I mean I just have to try and find and craftable epic blank and go +5/Holyburst and Righteous, that is the best we can cannith craft isn’t it?

Tobril said why not make a Pos/Pos Greensteel and if I don’t like it then I still have a rez clicky…

Can’t argue with his logic. I mean does 1.5[d2] vs 2[d2] make that big of a deal??? Guess I will be farming up some shards….

Unless I can find a shuriken with a red slot then shit gets real funky…

You know a Earth/Water Alchemical looks fairly solid on paper also…