I just want to say that i am fairly please where Samius is heading at the moment. I have returned to epic levels,  almost 27 actually and the new build is working out fairly well even though i am super under geared. The style is a little different but once i get a few key gear slots filled i should be fairly solid to stop kiting everything in sight forever. I have been able to keep my EE streak going even though i am soloing for the most part now during the weekdays. With my new job being in the afternoon i only get an hour or so to team up with the Brits if they even get on before i need to go. But it is not so bad. Maybe once i get a little more geared up i will even try my luck at a pug or two…. if i am drinking… of feeling overly generous.

Speaking of gear my trusty vorpal of rightness star now with icy burst, has been working over time. And i am trying to decide if i would rather hunt for a cool spell touched or start the Thunder Forged crafting… Maybe both?

I will leave you all with an image of me doing the first bit of the Lords of Dust. Yes i am giving people the purple ball of take less damage… I am not sure if it is Colors of the Queen or a new “perk” in double rainbow. But Dis used to get a ton of tasty ham barrels, i make my guys take less damage. Really who is the winner here?




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