You will be Amazing or Else!

This weekend was full of DDo. There was a little yard work done but mostly it was too windy to really get into it, so the wife and I stayed in and played DDo.

But as it can do (shit I am starting to sound like the Brits now..) the weekend turned into what do you want to do? Sure we did a few raids and a few item hunts but until we stumbled into EE Tor we were mostly unfocused.

The first quarter of the quest, the quest itself went very quickly and smoothly. I even broke out my new playthings; I was able to pick up the new Dreampiercer and Sireth, Spear of the Sky very nice! I would have preferred the new cloak from FoT but mad loots for Samius is good loots.

We started to stumble on the dragons however but we pushed threw the Black and the white ones easy enough. The Blue on the other hand still causes us issues, after 3 tries at the blue dragon lots of them real close to winning it was like 3 in the morning for the Brits and one last push was out of the question. Besides how many time do you hear 4th time was the charm?

Next day we do a gear/twist check and we find some areas that can use some help. Samius might have to adjust his twists for energy sheath but when we all look at our EE healer we find some holes.

Like a focus we start to hunt xp and gear for this key person. She needs xp because she has more or less worked up Exalted Angel destiny and never left it. Why would she? The character mostly is pulled out to heal us all in EEs and doesn’t do much else. Although she has the purple knight favor AND lots of good toys at her disposal… So working her down to Draconic for energy sheath is about to be key for EE blue dragon hunting.

Also we start hitting the Giant Hold chain for any djinn rings for some electric absorption. Turns out Javabot was one or two quests from completing the chain and got a normal on in the end list… We might even need to make a few shroud absorption items even tear one and two would really help reduce the damage of those traps. I know a few mins in to the fight as soon as I failed to save vs the traps I was dead and Sam has about 700 hp 1000 if my queen likes me so I will be making a tear 2 absorb item for the blue dragon for sure!

The thing I felt was the funniest comment of the whole weekend was Rach (our EE healer) saying that one of her guildies (the tank at the time) needed to cap out her healer and would be doing so EVEN IF SHE (Rach) HAD TO LEVEL IT HER SELF!

Well I will admit that cord struck true and I think once I have gotten my arty up into epic levels I will try to break out my healer and maybe get him EE ready. I am not sure how well a first life mostly under geared Clr will do, maybe I should lesser my first live FvS? I am sure when the time comes I will talk it out with you all here…. So very exciting.


10 thoughts on “You will be Amazing or Else!

  1. Good blog, I really enjoyed this weekend’s DDO especially Sat night/Sun morning, I do love to heal a challenging EE. Row is a first lifer with pretty mismatch gear (probably lots more holes to be found yet) but the main cleric destiny does give that bit extra and actually sometimes makes it easier to heal EEs.

    I now have the ring (thanks samius) and will be looking into crafting the shroud electrical absorption item, as suggested by Tobril. this week so by next weekend we could maybe give EE Tor another shot and maybe I could heal a FoT.

  2. Ring and sheath were pretty much enough for me.

    The absorb item and your aura should keep you up fine.

    I was also wearing my Renards elegant hat just in case for the air eles though that may have been overkill.

  3. Nice, I have a cleric now but only 17cleric/2monk/1fighter, dont think raids and EE content will be happening for awhile

    • Bah a first life can heal anything.

      You may need a few toys to help stay alive in places like EE tor dragons and it’s really not that much of a struggle to be prepped even for that.

  4. A first life healer can heal EE. I assure you its possible. My friend has a first life cleric and he heals EEs without any trouble. His positive spell power is up in the 200s and he uses the unyielding sentinel ED to stay alive. I only did two EEs on my first life cleric and it was a challenge but we got through it. Long as everyone works together, stays in the aura and you burst heal A LOT its fine. You really only chew up SP in the bigger mob fights when you can’t control the numbers and boss fights ofc.

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