Anyone Else A Little Excited by Shit?

Its okay, you can tell me. I won’t poke fun. Okay I will but just because this is not about scat play, although if is your bag… Right on. No I am talking composting… Yes, more gardening … J

Now that my greenhouse is 80% or more done and is in use I am already spinning down the line as to what is next… Looking at my plants right now things are good if spartan at the moment. I have lots of room but I am not sure how much of my room will be eaten up by my aquaponic system but I have to think I will have lots of room as my current plans are fairly small. So I need more rich amazing dirt and the best planting dirt comes from shit.

Also yesterday I went to take some temperatures in out side of the green house and inside over lunch. And while the temperature difference was impressive

Outside open air: 56

Inside open air : 85+ (closed up open things dropped to about 70)

Out side soil: 60ish

Inside soil: 71 which I hear is about ideal for most plants.

But it made me think how am I going to heat this thing in the winter? Do I even try? Or do I just hope I have enough thermal mass and light to push through?

Then I remembered the shit and started some Goggleing. Did you know that while composting the piles heat up? In some cases to 160 in some rare cases if allowed to dry out too much they have started on fire…

So there is a chance I could use some of the natural materials and the chicken shit to get two birds with one stone by composting the right way.

Wow! This guy just used compost heat to power his shower for 500+ showers, the power of poop.

Look around for jean pain method for more info. Me I am thinking about a 55 gal drum on rollers but I will need to start it outside on the ground as to collect some earthworms???? I don’t know, more research. I might just be able to make an pile out side of the window use a tarp and some ducting and heat the thing? Lots of thoughts/information to fit into a working idea.


Well wish me luck, have a good weekend and I hope to have some DnD talk on Monday.



3 thoughts on “Anyone Else A Little Excited by Shit?

  1. I tried for years to get the whole composting thing happening but were I live the sub-soil layers are all heavy clay and the climate is fairly dry. I did have a compost bin at one stage and that went once the missus caught a whiff of the composting process – kids were playing and knocked the lid off 🙂 All day she had this “putrid” smell and that was the end of that.

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