New Personal Rule; One you MIGHT want to Think About

One of the things i had forgotten from my original TR/Completionist Train was how important it is to have access to DDoor for a hand full of quests to get an good return for xp per min. To that end i have devised a new personal rule/s.

New Rule

  • Carry my Hireling folder at level 11+
  • Always keep at least 3 Mikayl the DDoorer in stock.
  • Profit?

Seems like a easy thing to do right? Well let me tell you it is not. I always almost always for get until i go to run one of the DDoor friendly quests and then i am like “WtF? Where are my hirelings? In the bank! /Faceplam!” and back to the boat/bank.

I guess you might notice another personal rule of having access to Deathward at a few different levels but i don’t remember ever leaving a quest to pick up deathward, now i might have died due to picking up too many negs and not reentered until after i picked up a few DW hirelings.

Who is in your Hireling folder?


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