Pew Pew vs Boom Stick

Think you all know that i have been rocking the TR Train, thanks to being unemployed i have the time to rock out a life about once a week. I am TRing for two reasons first not to go completely insane via being trapped in my own mind all the time and two i am looking for a better fun build for Samius at the moment.

The flavor of the week in the DG is ninja stars all ranged builds vs staff monk/rogues. So in my normal fashion i have chosen to take the middle ground this life and do neither as good as a more focused build. But also as normal i am enjoying the option to switch as the mood hits me. But i have to say i am really impressed with the power of the staff. I am rocking 230-300 point hits plus a trail of following numbers per hit if i incap or trick a mob into taking my sneak attack dice then things gets real nice.

But at the same time throwing a few dozen stars with my massive dex is hot… I don’t know where i will end up yet but i know i have a few lives to knock out before i sidestep from caster to dps.

Well xps wait for no Halfling.


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