An Idea Worth Stealing!

Right off the bat, i know this is a special kinky numeric post but i am going to play it not overly dirty as i think there is a new CtH on the books for taping so i want to save up my lewd comments for that.

On with the real post.

I think everyone by now knows that i am a big fan of Magic the Gathering. For a while now i have talked about stealing and using their design ideas in DDo. Namely creating a set of psychographic profiles to target different types of content. I think it would really help in the development of everything from quests and items to class abilities and spells, but that is not the idea i want to steal today. No today i want to steal their “You Make the Card” idea. 

How it works is simple. They start with one of the core definitions of a card, color/type/etc and then allow a vote and the winner goes on the card. Okay lets go in to a little more details here. Lets say we were voting on making a new card here i would say lets vote on color of the card. black/white/blue/red/green/brown. From there we would start to add things like card type, powers, names, etc…. 

So what i propose is Turbine starts a you make the item. Start simple, with weapon/clothing/armor/jewelry/augment/etc… then we can vote level range then we can start to tweak said item with things like properties, slots, binding, icon…

It might take 6 months or more before a final item is selected.


Basically, i was just chilling here catching up on DDoCast/reading MtG articles when they started to talk about some of the new items in U21, namely the helm and how it was unusable and it got me thinking about item design and how that is like card design. 

Seems like a good idea to me. You?



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