I just want to be FABulous!!!!111!1! Like all the time.

But sometimes i want to have visual clues as to what armor i am wearing. And while i am at it i know i was in the minority here but i also liked the old style of bound to armor,skins. Don’t get me wrong i also love the new style of skins but i spent money on those old skins as well and some times i want to see them again.

For example what i am wearing right now.

Base Skin

Base Skin

Bound to Armor

Bound to Armor

Bound to account super skin

Bound to account super skin


What i want is to one bring back the bound to armor skins in addition to the new super skins. Maybe don’t make any new B2armor skins unless it is easy to do so and the sales are worth the hassle. (I would think it would be both fast and worth wild but i dont have access to the data to know.)

In addition to bringing things back i want a drop down not unlike how metamagic feats now interact with quick bar icons, but per armor.

First remove this skin on of toggle and replace it with the following functions at the top level with matching over rides on each piece of armor. Always use Base, Always use B2Armor, Always use Equipped Cosmetic Skin. Set Always use Base as the default. If you really like the main toggle being like what it is have it change color, Transparent for base, Silver for B2Armor and Gold for Cosmetic.

Okay so that might sound hard, but it is not really. I have two armors in my pack that i tend to swap between say Fire Rest 30 (more like an Icy Regiments) and Cold Rest 30(Dragon Touched set up for amp but you get the idea). I don’t know about you but i tend to forget what armor i am wearing if i say look like image 3 all the time. So i buy a B2Armor skin for one of the armors and set it to always on. Ergo when i swap between them i get the visual of the swap.

Another issue i have with how having a Cosmetic Skin equipped is currently working is say you are wearing something like the Garments of Equilibrium, Ie something that has 3 hitpoints and is always falling off. With an  Cosmetic Skin you have to look and see. The other day after a rough couple of quests in a row in a chain (where i didn’t what to run back and sell/repair) I was naked for i am not sure how long. Then once i repaired i didn’t notice that i was naked and did another quest. Good thing i needed to swap armor for some reason and i noticed that i was in the buff.

Well what do you think? Base/B2Armor/Cosmetic toggle for armor skins?










2 thoughts on “FABulous!

  1. Apparently I agree. Something about creating emotional attachment and story to each set of armor may be why I haven’t purchased or even looked at a single cosmetic since the change. Your point of having a visual clue working at a natural subconscious level is a good one.

  2. I’m always greatly amused when my armour breaks. It’s like a celebration “YAY! I’M NEKKID! COME AT ME, MONSTERS!” So yeah, I personally like when my armour falls off and I’m suddenly in my undies.

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