Did you know according to the ddowiki there are 21 named throwing weapons in ddo? Out of those 21,  6 are Alchemical X or Green Steel X and then there is 6 versions of The Morning Star which is fine and all but come on…. I guess darts are also throwing weapons so lets add 2 more for 23. But you can only have Alchemical and the Nightforge Spike which isn’t all that bad as it is 1.5[1d4 ]+5 18-20 X3. According to the game that means its Base Damage Rating is 11.05 damage a hit. Now the Epic Elite The Morning Star is 2[1d2]+8 20X2 or BDR of 11.55.



Okay so lets back up a second and also add the Spell touched throwers but does that even help? Here is a random pile of stuff, does it look good? No please try again, or this:

Ha Ha. Like the loop ever finishes.

Or more like this:

Hint: You are the mouse!


So what do we want/deserve in a a good thrower? I am not 100% sure but personally i would like to take to boost the weapon dice and or the weapon values,  ie x[ydz] then we can also play some with the threat range and critical value.

Now we have to keep in mind that this being a ranged weapon is a factor so kitting is a possibility ergo lets not make the uber ranged weapon but it would be nice to have a fair thrower when some of the mobs in EE quests have 30k (300k) hp.

So for a level 20+ (eN) lets say star i would want 2[2d2] 20 x3 with step ups of 2.5 for eH and 3 eE or improving the critical profile 18-20×3 is what a level 8 fairly easy to come by throwing weapon has, why is this too good for a Epic Elite item? Or if you really want to make me excited lets do something like 2[2d2] 20 x4, 2[2d2] 20 x5 for eH and eE versions. Pew Pew Pew CLANG!!!!!

As for magical properties, i would like to hear from you.

Personally i have felt that the magic items in the last few years have become unimaginative and often not worth the hassle for the amount of grind to dig up. I want something BAD ASS like the Glaive from Krull!

A weapon so bad ass you can’t help but flip off the baddie as you throw it. The last insult!




7 thoughts on “Throwers?

  1. I have a thrower, based on the Shiradi Shuricannon build. You cannot equate the base weapon damage of throwing weapons to other weapon types. The power in thrown weapons often comes from their rate of speed and number of thrown weapons at a time. For shuriken and Monks with the right training, you often throw two or more at a time. As you reach high and Epic levels and then add in Shiradi Champion, a thrower’s firepower is demonstrably greater than the “Monkchers” but without the greater versatility those builds have from the AA tree. If you haven’t read my gameplay with Szyncletica on my blog, take a gander. She can take down things that even my tanker has no small issues in handling.

    Having a glaive as from “Krull” would make me just plain overpowered. 🙂

  2. I’d like to see a throwing knife or dart specifically for casters – on my own (admittedly rarely used) wizards from time to time I’ll make use of a crafted one with improved shattermantle to help ensure that irresisible dance or PWK will stick.

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  4. I run a “Sandblaster” build on kyhber, a Drow with 14 levels of ranger and 6 of monk, many folks find it to be the next evolutionary step up from the shuricannon. Averaging 165-195 stars per minute on normal and averaging 240-280 per minute with 10k stars running. Unlike the shuricannon (a excellent build btw) it takes the minimum required monk enhancements (7) and picks up the entire AA tree and 26 points worth of DWS. Beyond the sheer number of stars flying, the spikes in damage from the large number of ranged attacks that can multiply with the expertise and Ninja II is just shocking. In some cases 6 shurikens of slaying flying off at the same time. This also works with aimed shot, head shot, sniper shot, mercy shot, dispelling shot etc… Just amazing. Adding the lv 24 spelltouched shuriken to this hot mess is the cherry on top, a lv 24 produces 8 effects, 4 of which are random that means in many case over 1500 effects per minute hammering a single target. When you kick on Improved precise shot in a properly crowed combat scene those number increase exponentially.

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