Sticks and Stones

Have you ever been just mindlessly doing something in game having a little fun and then you glance over and see stupid being flung around your chat box? I know you have. Infighting, name calling and epeacocking; in that moment i normally just feel sad for the people spewing such nonsense. But once and a while i wish more then i should that i had the power to reach through the internet and choke the live from some stupid ass little ebitch.

Case and point, yesterday I saw someone post that they were now playing again after about a year break. Then for 15 mins people poked fun at him for sucking. What the hell people? Is that how you would like to be welcomed back?

But most of the time i let things roll off my back because i know that words only have the power i grant them, but that is easier when the werdgun is pointed at me vs someone else and easier said then done for most. I am not sure when that new person went quite as i was busy running something that took most of my focus at the time. But when i went back and looked at the log i he was active in his replies, then less then less then finally none. When i had the chance to send a welcome back tell he was offline or at least didn’t show in the who panel.

I don’t know what it is i am trying to say…. It just stuck with me over night and that normally means something. Like i said most things (in my current life) roll off my back, so if i see something sticking around i want to try and process it out.

I have another story that goes along these lines,  but i am not sure how i want to share it yet, so i will save if for another day.



2 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones

  1. Hate to hear stories like this. I constantly try to re-recruit old guildies who left DDO for various reason in their personal life and hearing stories like this just makes it harder to encourage them to come back :(. Hopefully the returning player was able to shrug it off and to realize that there are a lot of good people in DDO too!!

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