Fat Halfling-Duergar

Fat Halfling-Duergar

How GD Smexy is Samius now! Notice that was NOT a question. Sooooooo Smexy.

Yes, I TRed Samius a few days ago and I am racing him back to 20 just to TR him again. But this life i wanted to spice things up a little.

Please notice:

  1. Badass Wendell beard as pink as i can get with out hitting up the store.
  2. Man Skirt, need i say more?
  3. Your go to Samius’ party hat (Now upgraded to include a stacking 10 cold)
  4. I found a way to explain away my massive size now, my mama was a Duergar. Hence my perma-tan and massive… jump shot.

Even Tobril has to love this look. Hell i am even showing off my footwear in this image, just the right amount of gay for Tobril, aka mister “I’m not gay but my shoes might be.”

Yep, fairly pleased in general and rocking the low-mid levels think i could be 20 again by the weekend. But i am having fun so lets not rush things too much.


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