Battle of the Undeads?

My brother and I kinda have this thing going on where we are trying to convence the other to give up their MMO and jump ship to our MMO. To this end my brother posted this on his Facebook for me to see.

SamiusGruobo – just think you could have a badass undead priest like me..

So i am going to counter with two shots of As400 on the boat.

As400 p1


Now i dont know much about WoW or Undead Priests… although i do love Looking for Group (even if i am more then a year behind…) but As400 here is a

  • Melee
  • Wizard
  • Wraith
  • Dual Wielding DWar Axes
  • Did i say Power Werd Spells?
  • WEARING PLATEMAIL (not really)

As for healz? I hope you people have twisted Cocoon, or else you might just join my undead army.