Lets all go on an Adventure

So if you all remember one of my goals for the year is to write and if necessary e-publish my own pnp adventure. And i have been working on it on and off in the back of my head for a while now. I have a start (the hook/how to set it) and the overall scope but i am getting fuzzy on the details. So my brain has been tooling a round a few ideas and i want to run them by you.

I think i want to tie in to the DDo setting for this module, ie i want to set things in Stormreach and use some of the npcs and some of the locations. Ideally i wouldn’t use more back story then necessary so non-ddo people could pick up the module and with a few tweaks plop it into their campaign. But i really like the idea of using a back drop that anyone can see for the cost of downloading the game and playing for free for 5 mins.

The other there is always like a mouth watering description that gets the ball rolling on opening your wallet. Like this one from on of my personal favorite quests ever.

“Lost within the ruined House Cannith citadel of Whitehearth, an arcane workshop somewhere in the perilous Mournland, is the key to constructing a terrible magic weapon. Agents of the Emerald Claw will stop at nothing to recover the ancient device. As malevolent forces hunt for the artifact, only the most resourceful heroes will reach Whitehearth first and discover the secrets that lie within.” – Shadows of the Last War

If that got you a little bothered you can buy the pdf here.

So with that in mind this is what i got.

“Magic Items are disappearing from all over the city from the mundane to the extraordinary. The Coin Lords have put out a huge bounty on anyone that can stop this horrific crime spree. The local thieves guild has an even larger prize for anyone that can give them the secret to this mysterious criminal master’s success.

Who’s side are you one?”



Things and Playsel and Streams

Last night and this morning as i was falling to sleep and waking up i had a lot of versions of this post rocking around in my head. Things i want to cover and things i want to talk about. But i don’t have the clearest idea of how i want this ideas to flow into one and other. So if things are a little muddled in the transitions bear (or bare you you also dislike pants) with me.

Right this moment i want to defend Turbine and its Player Counsel. People it is something NEW and SCARY and NEW. Did i say NEW? Ie, change. I thought we all wanted change?

I think most of us can agree that the Mornlands system was less then ideal. Closed/Hidden/Secret we had no idea what was coming until it was mostly too late to get our two cents in on. I remember  the first time i saw the new AC changes. I don’t even remember how many blog posts i did on AC and getting one that mattered and how many i wrote on how the current system is a removing the incentive to work at an worth wild AC. And i was fairly active working with the tools i had at my disposal. But we got the system anyway, and with it we got a promise to do a revision pass soon. To my knowledge there has been no talk of a follow up AC pass.

Maybe this PC, that is a dumb name by the way…. Maybe this Player Counsel can get in while it is still possible to herd the cats around to a plausible idea.  Maybe not. But it is new people, Lets get off everyone nuts for a minute and see how things shake out.

Okay that said 3 more things on the Player Counsel.

  1. Anytime i am reading the forums and i see “Read by a member of the Player Counsel” i am likely to shoot my drink out of my nose. If you are a member of the Counsel, unless you and i have spoken and you have an opinion that i respect (not necessarily agree with but respect) then tagging a post with i read this and i am important might as well be pissing in the wind in my eyes. That said anyone can earn my respect with well thought out responses and replies on things that the Player Counsel will be working. Still however “Read by a member of the Player Counsel” is likely not to garner any good will on my part.
  2. I have been asked if i am going to be on the Player Counsel or not. Short answer is No, i will not be. But as i understand it, the reason is due to one i am not willing to change, my friendships with those that work at Turbine. I could have or it could be perceived that i might have a stronger voice in the Player Counsel due to my friends at Turbine and to a lesser degree this blog and the different podcasts as the podcasts are how i got to meet and become friends with these people. And if i have to give up being on the Player Counsel to still be able to talk and hang out freely with these people well then i guess it is not for me. No matter how much my wife thinks i need to be part of the decision making process when it comes to DDo. Guess I will just have to get hired.
  3. I am getting really tired of typing Player Counsel. And we know that PC is a dumb-ass name. Can we please find something else? Playsel? Or Pounsel? Or maybe we can just nickname members all Bob and call it the meeting of the bobs, Motbs for short?

The other thing i want to talk about is streaming. I think Turbine needs an official stream(s)/schedule/team. It doesn’t need to be running 24/7 but i bet we could fill 80 hours fairly easily among there different games. Start with one stream and rotate things on a schedule, Asheron’s Call Mondays, LoTRs Tuesdays, DDo Wednesdays, Dev Friday Public Play,  etc…. Then as things pick up we can expand the coverage to include other members in the party. I really feel that using these streaming services can provide a real advantage to the companies that take the time to do so. I spent some time last week ice jumping on stream. I ended up doing a Q and A with people that just wondered into the channel looking for something else to play. WHILE ICE JUMPING PEOPLE!

I have watching the MtG online coverage of events for a long time now. But you know what i really love? Just watching some of the pros that i really love and respect just playing MtG live on stream with their thoughts on things as the play.

Mind blowing right?

Jump over to http://www.twitch.tv/directory tell me that DDo doesn’t belong on this page?

Okay, things to do xp to earn TRs to knock out.


A Early Morning Thought

What if Jimmy Olson is just the subconscious manifestation of Superman’s desire to be normal? Created by yet another undiscovered/random/stupid super power of Superman.

I don’t read DC books so if this is already a thing let me know. I mean it feels fucked up enough for comicbooks doesn’t it?