A Early Morning Thought

What if Jimmy Olson is just the subconscious manifestation of Superman’s desire to be normal? Created by yet another undiscovered/random/stupid super power of Superman.

I don’t read DC books so if this is already a thing let me know. I mean it feels fucked up enough for comicbooks doesn’t it?


Fierce, Fiery, Flying Redhead

I am not what you would call a DC fan and by that I mean DC Comics. But I do love super heroes books and cartoons. And there has been a huge push to get as many cartoons on Netflix as possible. It just so happens that I crushed all the Marvel cartoons that are not the 80-90s X-men (I tried and will again but it starts SLLLLLOOOOWW).

Out of the blue Netflix suggests the Justice League, sure why not? And I do the first 10 or so episodes and it is fine but I have seen them all so far before. But I know I haven’t see any of these Justice League Unlimited and I skip to that. And it is really good 90% or more of the time.

This is a weird aside but I think my main issue with DC is Superman. I just don’t like him. He is too super. Which I feel is strange for 2 reasons. One, everyone and their uncle has beat him up. And two, I like Super Girl Or I did during the run I read monthly back in 96… In fact I need to keep an eye out for a way to reread that run…

Okay back to JLU, I am in love with this Hawkgirl – Green Lantern – Hawkman – some other heroine “love triangle”? If it wasn’t a show for kids and if I was the writer I think I would take things to a strange communal polygamous relationship.

But I think before that I was drawn to the Hawkgirl character.


I mean who doesn’t love a fierce, fiery, flying redhead with a big mace and the will/skill to throw it a round? No one that is who. HOT STUFF!


Current Pull List: My Comic Books

I don’t know if I have ran down my list of comic books lately if ever and I am having a case of can’t focus on work until my post is done so lets all see what I spend my comic book dollars on each month.

Iron Man – duh. No brainer for me right. Would like to see a War Machine reboot but as near as I can tell we are no joy that title right now.

Magician – This is one of my favorite novels of all time and I was hankering to read it but it is not in digital from that I can find anywhere expect comic book form. It has done its run and I could just buy it all at once but I am trying to slow roll it to myself. I have started picking up speed however as the story starts to hit major plot points.

Avengers/ New Avengers – this one is strange. I am not a big Avengers fan. But I a enjoying these two book runs. The New Avengers I am digging over the other but they are kinda Iron Man books 2 and 3.

Guardians of the Galaxy – I started reading some of the older copies thanks to some of the Marvel Mondays at comixology.com. They had some Thanos story arc sales and picked them up while they were cheep and started to fall for the book. And when the Marvel Now reboot started I thought why not, it is nice to have a read where shit is happening all over NOT earth all the time. Go break some shit where my taxes are not paying to fix it!

All New X-men/ X-men – Again I am not a huge X-man fan, although I also like Wolverine and the X-men but I am waiting and picking those up post new sale price. But I do like this All-New X-man run. Back in the day when I was first buying Comics Marvel did a reprint of the OG Xmen books. And I loved the OG team. This new story line where the OG team is pulled into todays world is fun times. The new X-men run I picked up for all the ladies. I don’t know a ton about some of these characters but other then Storm I dig them all and want to see them in action more and you can’t have more Girl action then an all girl X-men run. When they return to the mixed team I may or may not stick with them, IDK…

Thunderbolts – This is another cheep book even new, 2.99, and has Venom, DeadPool, the Punisher and Red Hulk all in one book. Oh and Electra who is okay I guess??

Dresden Files – I have become a Dresden fan, the novels are amazing so a monthly book with a new story … take my money.

LookOuts – this was a pointed out to me by one of the Penny Arcade guys and it is good. Like DnD with kids and blood good.

Saga – Think I have talked about this one before, think Lexx or a dirty Farescape book. It is very good but kind of a spaz on new book schedule and that might cost it a regular buyer and it might become a once a year book buy for me.

Buffy/Angel & Faith/Willow/Spike – Do I need to talk about these? They are no brainers.

Age of Ultron/ Thanos Rising – these are story arc books AoU is about to wrap up I think and I can read about Thanos all day he is quickly becoming my favorite villain of all time. Before him it was Carnage and the Shredder. Think about that…

TMNT/TMNT–Villains – Okay so the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles run is amazing. Totally worth the read every month. Now they do a lot of spin offs on the turtle run, lots of stand alones or 2-4 book story arcs. Most of them I skip, because they are about the heros and I know a lot about them from the books, However, my love for villains might be showing again because as soon as I saw the TMNT-Villains run I jumped on it.

Lastly my Farscape run has finished, damn it. I really liked that book. I haven’t picked up anything to fill that Sci-Fi niche But maybe once all these arc books have finished and I have powered through the back log of the Magician assuming they didn’t do the next book, I might try the new time line StarTrek book. IDK?

Hope the lack of DDo talk wasn’t too boring for you. <3s

I can be a Prejudice Asshole.

We all face prejudice each day, how we handle that prejudice is what makes us who we are. If your reading this then you and I most share a little judgment from someone, aka we are gamers or comic book readers or prepers or maybe all three. Over this lass weekend I saw prejudice from a few angles of view and thought I would share.

Jump to a cook out I had with my in-laws, nothing super special. Meat, cake for cake eaters and a conversation, you know a normal family meal.

In dinners past, there have been a little fun poked and the wife and I at our newer prepper mindset. But as we pulled in I started to notice green on my sister–in-law’s front porch…. Strange. Walking up I noticed a lot of fresh lettuce in a window box. And a few window boxes in a few windows with leafy things growing in them.

The wife noticed and commented with a glad you didn’t bring a salad now?

Right there I was being a prejudice ass. I didn’t think my in-laws had even that level of preparation in them. I was wrong and I continued to be wrong as later after we ate my brother in law showed me his when shit goes down carry gun and his “survival gun” an U.S. Survival AR-7. Good enough that he can bring in some food for his family if he had to, his words more or less. Still think having more then a few days of food is a better start then a gun and 10k rounds for said gun but to each their own.

BTW, the AR-7 is very nice think I need to get one for myself; .22, light weight and the ability to stow the upper and barrel into its stock getting down to about 18 inches in length.

I was floored again, have they really grown up that much? As we talked some more I gave them tips for making raised beds and offered to help them build their own greenhouse. The whole time I was thinking are these the same people that were poking fun at me a year ago for buying my shelf reliance and wanting to have a few chickens in my backyard?

Then as we moved to reading and what books we have been reading I said something like now that I have found comixology and that most of my “free time reading” as returned to comics. And the comment was made of how when my sister in-law grew up she stopped reading picture books. Which got a laugh out of my mother in-law who said there are pictures in Harry Potter. And the topic turned to how my sister in-law liked the Twilight books and we all were feeling a little superior again. Or at least I might have been.

Is there a point to this? Not really. Is this the kind of prejudice that people encounter everyday do to race, sex, or who we love, from assholes? Not even close. Just saying that for everything that makes us different there is something that makes us the same. And even I, a married white middle class man that is more or less a emotionless ass feels like sometimes people are being a little prejudice against me, maybe we all need to grow up and just handle our own shit. Do I love my in-laws any less because they think my reading comics books is childless? No. Do I think less of them for liking Twilight? Lets skip that one… ☺