I can be a Prejudice Asshole.

We all face prejudice each day, how we handle that prejudice is what makes us who we are. If your reading this then you and I most share a little judgment from someone, aka we are gamers or comic book readers or prepers or maybe all three. Over this lass weekend I saw prejudice from a few angles of view and thought I would share.

Jump to a cook out I had with my in-laws, nothing super special. Meat, cake for cake eaters and a conversation, you know a normal family meal.

In dinners past, there have been a little fun poked and the wife and I at our newer prepper mindset. But as we pulled in I started to notice green on my sister–in-law’s front porch…. Strange. Walking up I noticed a lot of fresh lettuce in a window box. And a few window boxes in a few windows with leafy things growing in them.

The wife noticed and commented with a glad you didn’t bring a salad now?

Right there I was being a prejudice ass. I didn’t think my in-laws had even that level of preparation in them. I was wrong and I continued to be wrong as later after we ate my brother in law showed me his when shit goes down carry gun and his “survival gun” an U.S. Survival AR-7. Good enough that he can bring in some food for his family if he had to, his words more or less. Still think having more then a few days of food is a better start then a gun and 10k rounds for said gun but to each their own.

BTW, the AR-7 is very nice think I need to get one for myself; .22, light weight and the ability to stow the upper and barrel into its stock getting down to about 18 inches in length.

I was floored again, have they really grown up that much? As we talked some more I gave them tips for making raised beds and offered to help them build their own greenhouse. The whole time I was thinking are these the same people that were poking fun at me a year ago for buying my shelf reliance and wanting to have a few chickens in my backyard?

Then as we moved to reading and what books we have been reading I said something like now that I have found comixology and that most of my “free time reading” as returned to comics. And the comment was made of how when my sister in-law grew up she stopped reading picture books. Which got a laugh out of my mother in-law who said there are pictures in Harry Potter. And the topic turned to how my sister in-law liked the Twilight books and we all were feeling a little superior again. Or at least I might have been.

Is there a point to this? Not really. Is this the kind of prejudice that people encounter everyday do to race, sex, or who we love, from assholes? Not even close. Just saying that for everything that makes us different there is something that makes us the same. And even I, a married white middle class man that is more or less a emotionless ass feels like sometimes people are being a little prejudice against me, maybe we all need to grow up and just handle our own shit. Do I love my in-laws any less because they think my reading comics books is childless? No. Do I think less of them for liking Twilight? Lets skip that one… ☺


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