New Dog

First thing you all need to know any and all pets in DDo are dogs. If it has 4 legs and is not a bear then it is also a dog, yes including trash mobs. If you find yourself tripped by a wolf/cat/wilderbeast the tripper is in fact a dog. Ergo the owlbear even though it has “bear” in its name is clearly a dog. Well the level 17 version anyway.

Maybe that is a good enough set up, if not rewrite the opening in the comment section.

So as I think you all can guess, I finally got a chance to try out my lvl 17 owlbear pet. No it wasn’t anything crazy amazing like let it solo its way through Litany for me, or anything like that. But we took a nice stroll through the nGH explorer zone on my rogue for about 25 mins and I have to say it was doing well enough for what that guy needs, aka a big distraction.

I set it for attack mode and it ran way head and got things started and then I was able to sneak up and finish things. I didn’t really watch the damage it took or its DPS I will say I saw a few one hit kills in the 160ish range but I don’t know if that is just it criting or if that is its normal attack numbers I was having too much fun playing assassin to really notice.

Sorry I can’t go into depth yet, but thought as I am seeing lots of feedback on the big one and not a ton on the little one that I would share this first impression. It didn’t die, it seemed to take actions as I wanted but go get agro is not hard for a hireling and it killed some stuff in the zone so I didn’t have to be the only one killing.

Will I use it in quest? Not a lot I am guessing. But I should maybe. That said I should also remember to move a copy of the Shard of summon a beholder over while it is amazing and I haven’t done that either soooooo who knows. Over all I was fairly impressed after reading all the complaints about the big boy.


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