More Rogue?

If you are a regular reader here you know that I have become quite taken with my rogue. In my attempt to cram as much good stuff as I could into the build I had to give up a lot of stuff and as I play it and fall in love with it I wonder if I would like more specialized builds….

So today I am just going to do with you all something I did with Tobril last night while I cleared the nGH zone like a boss and Tobril played Neverwinter like a bitch, aka throw out ideas and see what sticks.

A bigger non-sneak attack dice based build i.e. a STR based build. Maybe something using the Acrobat Pre and a massive stick like a 12/6/2 rog/arty/monk or 12/7/1 rog/monk/ranger? Think the later has been done before but might be good.

I wouldn’t be apposed to a dwarf twf focused dps build. Maybe with ranger or fighter splashed? I could see a 12/8 or 12/6/2 build going less Int and more Str and using the mechanic PRE class to make up for the lesser skill points.

Just remembered something from Lam and dwarfs… Throw your Weight Around…. “Axes: You may use your Constitution modifier to determine the damage you deal with battle axes, dwarven waraxes, hand axes, greataxes and throwing axes.”

The 2 issues I have with my rogue now are low HP and low first number weapon dice. Could a MAX con dwarf two weapon fighting with axes handle both of these issues? Maybe????

Also if you are a long time reader you will remember how much I liked the X/9 rog/monk life I did on Samius. He had fairly good stunning fist DCs, could I make a monk/rog fist build with DCs that land in EE and still have massive amounts of sneak attack dice?

The thought of taking my current build at 20 and lessering out all the twf feats and going ranged all the time is a possibility. Doing so could make room for the rest of the bow feats I am missing hopefully making up for a slower rate of fire with damage vs GTWF… Problem with that is swapping for Assassinating, which is 90% of my fun at the moment.

Speaking of why I like the rog now vs other attempts right now hinges on being a ninja and sneaking around and then assassinating people. Could I really maximize that feeling more then I am? IDK, I am a INT/dex rog now. I can’t really go more INT then I am now and meet the prereqs for Imp Sneak Attack. Maybe if I was a Halfling… But then I would be trading even more HP out…

Other then that dwarf idea (I think a lot of people will try making that Throw your Weight Around work), I think the rest of these plans are not for me… Wonder if an axe thrower with Throw your Weight Around and whirling wrists on an Arty would work…. Never mind that.

Anyway leave comments and ideas in the “you know” what section.

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