Fierce, Fiery, Flying Redhead

I am not what you would call a DC fan and by that I mean DC Comics. But I do love super heroes books and cartoons. And there has been a huge push to get as many cartoons on Netflix as possible. It just so happens that I crushed all the Marvel cartoons that are not the 80-90s X-men (I tried and will again but it starts SLLLLLOOOOWW).

Out of the blue Netflix suggests the Justice League, sure why not? And I do the first 10 or so episodes and it is fine but I have seen them all so far before. But I know I haven’t see any of these Justice League Unlimited and I skip to that. And it is really good 90% or more of the time.

This is a weird aside but I think my main issue with DC is Superman. I just don’t like him. He is too super. Which I feel is strange for 2 reasons. One, everyone and their uncle has beat him up. And two, I like Super Girl Or I did during the run I read monthly back in 96… In fact I need to keep an eye out for a way to reread that run…

Okay back to JLU, I am in love with this Hawkgirl – Green Lantern – Hawkman – some other heroine “love triangle”? If it wasn’t a show for kids and if I was the writer I think I would take things to a strange communal polygamous relationship.

But I think before that I was drawn to the Hawkgirl character.


I mean who doesn’t love a fierce, fiery, flying redhead with a big mace and the will/skill to throw it a round? No one that is who. HOT STUFF!


One thought on “Fierce, Fiery, Flying Redhead

  1. Man, you are my new best friend. I love Hawkgirl. Hot, sexy, smart, flying, and, she’s a redhead, my greatest weakness………this is great. I’ll probaby come back and read this tonight. Check out my blog and tell me what you think.

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