Fun and other Frustrations

Lets just say last night was a mixed bag for the Gurobo family. The night started off well enough, I got half an hour or so to adjust my gear set up and spell list for lvl 13 and swapped to my Dps alt that I have been leveling in my “spare” time.

Think I need to pause here and talk about the wife for a sec. A few weeks back (think I talked about it) the DG did some epic Devil Assault runs and Tobril and I used our alt accounts to double our pulls. Ever since then Torrance has been working on HER alt account. At first she got a fresh F2P account and was trying to level up a wizard more or lets for nothing. She did use a few guest passes but for the most part that account was living off earned TP, way less then 250 points across her and my account. Then she started to stumble some with the limits of F2P. But before she invested money to go premium I suggested taking a look at a friend’s old account he turned over to me.

This account has 3 slots, a drow ranger, a human fighter and another low level melee, no one above level 16. In fact I powered up the fighter into stoning range and stoned that char to 16. The other thing is that account only has a few hundred hours of playtime in it. So the gear is not great. But very useable even if it is from, as Tobril would say the time when “we would have killed for something like XXX” which is vender trash now….

So rewind back to me switching to my dps melee at level 15 having ran most of the GH walkups into the dirt solo on elite, when the wife says want to finishing running through the GH walkups. A few days back we did the first 4 on my walkup loop.

I of course would love to help; and we where off to XP land. Tobril logs on while we are finishing up the first one, letting him know I will be 10-15 mins before the TR train can resume, the quests go smoothly.

Wrapping up the GH walkups I swap to TR train XP land and do a some XP runs in the Sands. Normally Tobril and I would do a nice outer loop hitting all the walkups+ OOB and then recalling back to town for our 5 or 6 end rewards per loop and I would be a happy camper. But Tobril had soloed the easy tomb walk-ups for the Wiz king so we skipped them in addition the plan this life is to skip everything that can be ran epic to make the 5 epic levels very quick ie no Wizking or OOB…. So we ended up spending a lot of time running in the explorer zone running between the 3 walk–ups that we could both do. Not good for xp per min… But lots of time to hang and BS.

Once Tobril was done for the night, I switched back to Darth Samius for some xp, but Torrance started a hard RitSack. Which would both break my streak and jump my content a lot. So I hit a Elite Madstone with my hire FvS.

As I am doing my own thing I hear the wife getting frustrated. Why are earth ellies messing with me here? I think I am lost. Why do I bother, this quest is taking forever…. Last thing I remember about her game play last night was a HUGE lag spike that more or less froze her client until she just god buttoned the machine and went to bed. It was a every frustrating night for her.

Mean while my hire died in the 3rd sear fight and I lost 5% xp…. What can I say? I was able to complete my quest. If my game locked up like that I might have thrown a mouse into a wall. I would have been so angry.

Anyway, tonight should be better, looks like there is much epic xp to be had as well as the return of the undead hoards. Catch you in game. Oh and before i forget enjoy your Turkey day USA and to the Brits i will see you a few nights this week but i might be 3/4 asleep/stuffed with tasty bird goodness.


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