Buying +4 Tomes

So on Friday, Turbine will be getting back a lot of my points i bought during the last sale. I am telling you right now I am planning to pick up a few upgrade super tomes. I know there are a few people that don’t like getting items from the store and I can’t blame them, it is their call as to how to use the store. But for me and the alts I have in mind that will use these tomes, it is worth the price. Assuming i have enough to make the buy….

My plan right now is to get only the Supreme upgrade +3 to +4 tome and only two of them, as they are super pricey.

The one for Samius is so easy it is almost a no brainer. The alt that get more then 50% of my play time and has a 4 to 5 INT upgrade tome sitting in the bank and happens to be on a INT based build…. Too good. The other is for Java as the other big guy and he is next on the TR/”final” build train.

Also it happens, right now they are the only two guys I have with full sets of +3 tomes on. Mainly because I was able to pick up singles to flush out their pre-store-tomes sets.

I am really glad that I went ahead and nabbed the 50$ bundle of DDo points when I did. Otherwise don’t know if that second set would get bought. To be honest I don’t have the points to get both anyway… l might not…. Honesty, don’t know how many points I have as I picked up a few xp pots while they were on sale and I could nab that extra 100 points off from the deal of the week last week.

That said I have lots of guys that just don’t need bigger then +3 or even the +2 stats they already have in them. And I have no plans to buy them anything from the store, even though I have a +3 supreme tome in the bank incase i want to role up a new alt…

I have often said I don’t understand the price point/realize on some of these items. I get that they needed a little time for the game tomes to stir some shit and get people wanting them. But right in the middle of the holiday buying swing?

Now if they had a way to buy these tomes as gifts it would make a lot more sense to me. I know, I know you can gift points now but they (the tomes not the points) are only on sale right now for like a week.. And the straight up +4 super tome is 4495 points that means buy a point code for someone I have to shell out 50$… And while that makes gift buying for some people easy when my in-laws ask my wife “What should we get Sam, that he will use and really like?” And she says DDo points and they go buy a 30$ code I wouldn’t even be close…

If it was me:
One I would let people know that the “big” tomes will be back for the post Christmas point cash-ins.

Two, I would make it where non-ddo players could buy points OR the person that is redeeming the code could get a given item/s. Say I buy a +4 supertome code for Tobril but he already has gotten himself all the +4 tomes he had plans to ever use. Then he could cash that code out for TP. But this also lets me get the in game item now that is only around for a limited time and sit on them for real world gifts.

Three, I would lower the price point down just a little. Right now coming off a TP sale I can see a lot of people might be sitting on 5kish or so of points. As a “Turbine store guy” I want to empty out people’s TP reserves as quickly as possible so the next sale makes them want to restock up on points and/or daily store use requires picking up a few more points. I think over all this would boost TP sales.

With me (Samius here not Turbine guy) able for sure only to buy 1 tome with the points I have right now, I will be sitting on a good reserve of 1-2 k.

If I could make some price point changes, my out right +4 super tome would cost 3995 points (just over the mark that the 30$ bundle alone can get) and I would drop the upgrade tome to 2495. With the idea, that we will boost TP sales a week or so after the tomes are gone as well as boost sales now for people that didn’t buy durning the sale… More stuff for everyone and more $$ for the last quarter.

Okay what do you plan to buy +4 tome wise? Anything?


4 thoughts on “Buying +4 Tomes

  1. Right now I’m leaning towards the “none” crowd. Not that I have any issues with people buying them. I just don’t see the benefit right now. I’ve managed to gather up +3’s to all stats on my main just from questing and even picked up a +3 to +4 DEX upgrade last life before I TR’d again.

    I don’t play much these days, but buying them just seems like it would cheapen the ones I have found so far. I like seeing them show up in chests and loot lists.

  2. I’m not a ddo player for so long neither play as much as I would like, but I remember buying +2 supreme tomes when I started, in a time when +3 tomes didn’t exist (all the time) in the store and were rare drops in top level content. Now I’m founding +2 to +3 upgrade tomes in the rares of orchard and other not so high level quests and it’s good to think that they will be available in the game more often. I’m still thinking about the +4 tomes, found out just minutes ago, but I surely agree with the price reduction you propose 🙂

  3. If I actually had the TP/money to buy TP, I’d probably get at least the +4 super tomb for my 2 monks, cause they could definitely use them. (particularly my newest one, Eidolo. Since she will need 18 in Con, Str, Dex, and Wis, plus enough int for Combat Expertise, since she is my “Avatar” monk.) I also happen to have extremely poor luck when it comes to tomes, so I’d probably never see the upgrade tome that I’d need in a chest in game. Plus I don’t have a lot of time to play lately so I just do challenges to get ingredients for the stuff I need on my Bard for when i DO have time to play more.

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