Buying Tomes UPDATED

Turns out that the new +4 tomes were in the store last night, WOOT! So I start to load up my shopping cart with A (one) super upgrade tome 3 to 4 and what I thought was a 2-3 super tome and ran out of TP for any thing more, at least tome wise.

Hang on; I might be jumping ahead some. Turns out that Java doesn’t have any +3 tomes in him just +2s… So I thought I would go to 3s and then look at maybe buying points for a 3-4 upgrade if I had room in the budget after payday… So I was looking to buy +4s for Sam and +3s for Java.

Want to say I have 700ish TP left, which assuming the sales this month don’t get me to buy something extra should last me for a few months, unless I pick up some +4s for Java. Other then an armor skin/s for new post 20 armor/robes I think everything else I need/want is bought or I can get in game.

So what I ended up buying was a single 2-3 strength tome (i am guessing a miss-click?? But a happy one it turns out) and the 3-4 tome set. You don’t get one super tome like you might think. You really get one tome of every verity when you buy the super tome “pack”…

I don’t know who made this decision, but it was a good one from an end users point of view, but a horrible one from a marketing POV.

How do I mean?

Because of this I will be buying another super pack for sure. Being able to part out the super pack is really handy.

For example in my life right now just using Sam and Java I wanted a con and Int for Sam the rest are nice and have some real nice benefits but all I really need on Sam is Con and Int. Meaning I could pass the rest to Java who could really use Str, Dex, Wis, Chr for my druid life. Sure more Int wouldn’t suck as +1 skill point is nice and who would argue that more hp is bad??? Answer should be: No one. But is it really needed? Not really.

Same deal for As400 or Samiusbot and another of my divines/monks. I can easily divide up a set of tomes among 2 or even 3 alts. Even if that means sitting on a few 3-4s until I pull/trade/AH some +3s…

So from the marketing POV say the end user might want 1 or 2 single stat 3-4 tomes. For just a few more TPs they can get a whole set which might come across as a better deal and generate more sales but that end user doesn’t know that he could get the six tomes…..

Fix, call the upgrade tome of supreme ability a upgrade tome pack and update the store description to reflect that they will get one of each of the tomes.

Hope this gets to any of you have haven’t made a purchase but are thinking about it….

Btw, yes this means Samius is rocking that +5 Int tome. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Buying Tomes UPDATED

  1. Lotus was telling me the Supreme +3->+4 tome was a pack based off of word of mouth a couple of days ago. I was like, “No, look at this ad. It says nothing about a pack of tomes; it says tome, singular.” Jeez, could product descriptions be clear?!?

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