Keep the Faith

Sometimes you see everyone around you pulling the good stuff. Your glad for them you are really. But you also have a little ping of jealously thinking “Why not me?” Where is my plat lootz?

I am telling you keep the faith and stop expecting to get anything that is when you will get the pulls.

A few weeks back I pulled a +4 to 5 INT tome and I thought my luck was burnt for a long while. However, if you look over at Grim’s page, you will see a run down of what is becoming one of the weekend runs of a Eh dragon raid once again short man (this time with a channel tag along) and I was able to pull a +4 to +5 con tome from the not epic chest. Wow…

Now Sam is rocking +5 Int and Con tomes. Lucky guy.. 🙂

Since pulling that first tome, Tobril has gotten at least 3 pieces of the EE loot we have earned. The brits as a team have gotten 3 or 4 pieces. One was very kindly handed to me to make us all stronger over all, again thanks Grim. But for the most part the wife and I have been coming up dry in the loot department.

But then out of the blue, bam! PHAT LOOTS all in caps. So you can’t lose the faith, just keep pulling chests.

While I am talking about getting good chests the timers for the optional to farm for the Wall of Wood on Ee is stupid short. Maybe there is a trick to it other then taking six max DC/spellpen PMs in there and just circling and wailing everything in sight but I don’t see it right now. And a list of chests for just screwing around randsacking for high value vendor trash in case people forgot (I did) is that underwater clam shell in the Black lock on E elite. Talk to the guy, invis, open the first door, invis, run, open the next door, jump in the water loot and recall. Seems fairly quick. Don’t know the level of the chest but I would bet at least 20 for any epic right?

Note to self: learn more about chest levels and blessing…

Need to get back to work <3s kids.

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