Time for Everyone’s Favorite Game

Gear Shuffle 12/3 addition! And the crowd goes wild!!!!

What? I can’t be the only person that pictures themselves as game show contestants when looking at gear. I just can’t be….

Last night was a short night for XP and I knew it would be so I had a plan to do some bank work and do some gear sorting on Samius.

20 to 21 I felt a real shift in power back to Tobril in quests and I have Finger, Circle, Wail and Power Word for instant kills so things are dying well enough for the most part. But I still feel like I have to go back to web and laying down damage spells like WoF, Acid Rain and spamming my force SLAs when my big spells are on cool down…

Over all I blame the fact that he has big boy gear ready and waiting at level 20 and I am still using my same leveling gear on Sam. Don’t get me wrong my gear is really good pre 20 but post 20 I start to fall short. Or at least compared to my counter part who was gearing up while I took a year to TR…

Hence the game show….

Yesterday, I started a simple spreadsheet (falling in ❤ with Google Docs) with just a list of my gear slots and the gear that are in those slots and a rough plan for some of those slots.

Some of these slots have been fixed for so long I hate to try and change them my Min2 helm, CordOp bracers and Torc are key items. For now other key staples are the Stormreaver Napkin and my new Epic Ring of Elemental Essence/GFL slotted.

The one quest the DG ran last night was a Eh Small Problem where we pulled the missing seal that I was hunting for As400, but now that Samius has the needs for it the game puts it in the chest… ❤ you too loot gods… I believe in DDO so DDo believes in me. You can call me Samius Gurobo, high priest of the DDo loot gods.

My belt slot is currently a ToD belt but I can now change it to a Cannith con belt with a guild slot and gain some max SP with a guild slot. My main trinket was a Epic Dragon Eye but my new ring covers the 200 Sp so now I can nab one of my t3 Spy Glasses and have my extra +2 Int on all the time for DCs. Before I had to use my Rad 2 rapier for that INT, meaning if I wanted to use my big shield and wanted my DCs boosted I lost my potency items so I was swapping super often and I felt died one to many times to umd lag deaths….

So that opened up room to use a Blade of the High Priest(ess) for my not elemental casting needs. Sometime in the last 2 weekends one of the Brits pulled one that they didn’t have a need for and decided to give it to me as I might have a use for it. Winner winner!

I still have a few slots to play with and some staples will need to go sometime to make room for bigger and better toys as the levels roll in. But for now I feel a lot better. As I work through the epic levels and different destinies my gear will be a moving target but it feels good to be working gear again vs working XP all the time. A new challenge, or an old challenge revitalized I should say…


6 thoughts on “Time for Everyone’s Favorite Game

  1. @Sidhe – In my mind for 70% of the game on a blue bar person, you want to have your torc on if you have one. You never know what attack might regen some Sp.

    That said I might from the wizard set for the SP savings for say boss fights when i know 100% of the time i can avoid the fight… That said i have a staff of the Petitioner that i can swap into.

    Right now there is just not a good enough item, in my eyes, that is worth taking off my Torc.

  2. Torc is simply just that warping on gear choices.

    Only for nuking bosses from range and when facing melees in EE content is it not as useful as you can’t or don’t want to take hits in those situations.

    (EE archers can still be used to torc up)

  3. I hate saying it, because it feels like a betrayal to my fave piece of gear, but on a lot of epic content I’ve begun to notice a pointlessness to wearing a torc because I just can’t afford to get hit to proc it. Since my PRR isn’t huge, the only time I really use the torc is when I slap on the shield and heavy armor and purposefully torc up the blue bar on archers at the cost of my ki. Clonk me is not tanking like FvS me, which is a big part of my torc love affair.

    This makes +8 or exceptional ability necklaces start to have some relevance in that slot.

    Torc has no comparison pre-level 20. There’s just no substitute. Post-level 20, it can get a lot more situational.

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