What I Really Learned at Turbine HQ

First off I signed a NDA while waiting in the lobby. Can’t really say what it said or if even saying that I signed one is against the rules but I did. So with that I mind I can’t get all spoilery for you all, not that I really saw anything really anyway. What I will do is talk a little about what I picked up on vs what I was expecting.

What I expected was nerd heaven, dice, game books, toys and other “nerdy things” all over. What I got was a lot closer to my own offices with a lot more industrial feel. I know I keep hanging up on this and Glinn/Jerry might laugh at me for hanging on this but they had a drop ceiling and huge areas with no tiles. I should say islands of tiles above desks for lighting.

Also Turbine guys I am telling you right now I will no longer care about your tweets about the office being cold. Heat rises and you have 6ish feet of more ceiling then you should have, it is going to be cold.

Back to the toys real fast, I want to say 1 in 15ish desks had toys or somekind of DnD stuff on it. In my head from tweets from the employee’s I expected that to be a lot higher…

Also they were still cleaning up post Halloween; I was there on Election Day so 6ish days after the fact. I expect their party/hunted house may have been bigger then they let on. There were at least 5 people on clean up at 530-600 pm when I was there.

One of the first things Glinn walked me past was what he called the fish bowl; all I remember seeing was a ton of monitors with line graphs. If I remember correctly he said that they covered different things like server pop and other metrics. He said one really bad day one of data sets lines formed something that looked the batman logo.

I only saw 3 or 4 offices, most people had short walled cubicals when I asked Tolero said they like being able to have a conversation with other people with out getting up, made things “more cozy” (about 80% sure she said “more cozy”). Again very strange… Was she hinting/saying they were like more like a “family” at Turbine???

I am getting long here so I want to end saying I did get to meet a few Devs, as I am not a huge dev forum troll I can’t really say I know any of them with the possible exception of Feather of Sun, who I didn’t kick in the nuts as he was talking up the epic GH loot, which in hindsight I wish I paid closer attention too and Vargoullle. Over all I remember being mostly pleased with the loot, would have been nice to drop some hints on you all but I truly don’t remember. Want to say I had good feelings about the Stormreaver Napkin, for Samius. But most Raid loot is good for someone right?

I had just missed out on meeting Eladrin but that is okay. Have the feeling that he wouldn’t have know who I was anyway. I was kinda surprised that more people there didn’t know me. I have had a lot of emails from the dev team over the years (okay mostly to Lessah and I when we were doing the show on a schedule) and I wanted to put some faces to names. But oh well.

Oh and there were lots of people playing different games as I walked around I did see ddo a few times, but a few I that I had no idea what they were playing. Glinn said it was after hours and the next bus wouldn’t be by for a while so lots of people just hang out until doing what they want until then. Just being able to have DDO installed on my work computer would make my day a total loss. ☺

Well back to work,

Ps, they really did have huge pretzels hanging from the ceiling in one “wing” of the building. Tolero said when it arrived she thought that they might be getting a pretzel machine, but no joy. She has no glue what it is for. Just another mystery of Turbine.

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