Bloody Crypt, like a Baby Shadow Crypt

So last night Tobril and I leveled to 8 and started xping. We finished up Splinter Skull, worked on Gray Moon some and then formed up with another small group for some Bloody runs.

For the most part each run was simi-smooth although with a full group and breaking into 4 teams, each to cover a corner the scaling was a little off. Shooting from no skull to red in seconds and gone again not quite as fast only to return again and again. I had a soul stone moment; when the wife who was my kill the caster person got called to help another melee, on the way from finishing my side I saw I had missed a priest and went to look for him. I had 42 sp left and planed to use it to fuel a death blow so I started the fray with a use of a fireball wand I happened to have. He lived and countered with a hold person, I failed to save as always (how many bard lives to not auto fail will saves?) and the 5 other guys I pissed with that fireball off killed me.

We also had a good time for a moment when we had just restarted and was clearing the first mobs when I fell threw the floor in to the red goo that holds that dungeon. I took a moment and placed myself on the map at the end of the quest for a funny screen shot and was /stucking when I was sent to my bind location out of the quest… I can understand having some kind of catch all for people falling through the floors, but can’t was use the /stuck command or maybe return people to the quest start? Ran back to the quest, did my corner and helped the not Tobril melee’s to do their corner also…

After wrapping up Bloody, Tobril and I did a little more xp quests where he decided to take his turn as a soul stone and get carried around by me.

Over all it was a fun night, Tobril caught up and pulled ahead a little xp wise so I will solo a bit of a walk down in a quest or two before taking level 9, which should mean that some time tonight you will see a tweet about how I am the first DDocaster to hit Completionest.

As always, xp for everyone but more for me. ☺


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