Good to be Home Again.

Friday after a bout 90 mins of waiting for Tobril to get his gear in order, Tobril and I started xping on our newly level 1 mains again, this time for real. Unlike the last few runs, where capping was the goal, this time we are spreading out hitting the important favor and pushing even more xp later and later to try and save some quests for post 20 epic action.

Have to say things feel more relaxed and settled. We are both back in our “normal” roles. T in his melee role and myself in a caster hybrid role although I am shifting in to less of a melee and more caster a little ahead of my normal wizard path, but I will talk a little more about that later.

Logged last night having played for a little while at level 7 with (I think) plans to take 8. Want to say we have a little room xp wise but since we finished most of the level 5 quests that we want for favor we might as well move up and start the 6s.

Finding my footing again as “the caster” has been fun. At first things started as a melee, first level was a rogue after all. Then as I started adding wizard levels I slowly was able to mix in spells. Acid spray and shocking grasp were my go to spells. At the trainer I said over mic I was thinking about taking Maximize over Empower and Tobril asked why would I not take Max at level 1? When I explained that max can burn the xp a little faster at low levels then I would like, leaving me to have to melee in places when I would rather like to just blast my way through, ie taking longer in some quests. But with a full time melee in the group I don’t have to worry as much about running dry, if I do then he can take on the main dps role and I can help as able. And that happened more then a few times in the early levels.

Around level 4-5 things started shifting again, aka Web and Inivis changed how we did quests. We shifted into more and more of a gather – web – blast or invis as able mindset for questing. 6 and 7 Ice storm scrolls and acid blasts came online, lets just say I used 100 scrolls as if like plat grows on trees and all of a sudden I was in the driver seat full time again. Run, Gather, Run, Web, Icestorm, AcidBlast, Scorch, Repeat. I could see how having an unlocked Purple Ioun Stone would be a huge boost at low levels, right now I am just using a guild slotted wiz 3 cannith crafted ring.

Speaking of gear I am using a three-item Abishai set, gauntlets, bracers and boots. The boots are a real nice right now; corrosion +48 is huge at level 5 if you want to use a big blast spell and web. Might need to see about making some rock boots at the different lvl tears, assuming I stay as acid specked as I am now.

One last thing, I did take the sorc past life to see if it would allow me to AM with it counting as Mental Toughness (it doesn’t which is bull shit) and due to a moment of what I can only call sleepiness I took Enchantment focus and not my intended Evocation focus… So to fix the test error I swapped the sorc past life to mental toughness, meaning I am a Enchantment AM right now. I will try out the dance SLA if it takes us less then 3 days to reach level 10. If not I will be switching to Evocation regardless how much fun a cheep web might seem.

Okay I have gone a lot longer then I meant to and I have more ramblings to knock out later. Unless something strange happens expect more of these thoughts tomorrow.

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