What is YOUR Favorite “Thing”?

As most of you know, I have been xping/TRing Samius for a long time. Now that I have gotten my completionest feat I am doing a “final” life to get back into the end game some. Those of you that know that also should know that I have leveled as a few different races but according to DDo I am a dwarf and not a very fat Halfling as I intended.

I noticed right away at level 2 when I went to grab one of the items I picked up a while back for low level guys a (icy burst) holy-pure good falcon race required Halfling level 2. Not a deal breaker as I have my BTA (icy burst) holy great axe also at level 2. But I was a little sad that I wasn’t going to be able to use said item…

A few more levels go by and we are level 8. I got just the toy for a wiz/rog who is really just making himself feel better when “helping” when it comes to melee dps; a level 8 (icy burst) paralyzing long sword, again RR Halfling…. This time the umd needed to use it is closer to my standing umd score (at the time of 16) of 18 so with a heroism buff I could use it… I did run two clickies at the time, so it sat in my pack most of the time. Think I used it once… Damn undead quests once I get my extra cool toy out…

At 9, I was able to take completionest (huge skill boost) plus the seven finger gloves even more to umd and plainer girds on line want to say my umd is around 28 want to say I can boot into the 30s fairly easily. I would have to look to be 100% that is true, but my UMD right now is good enough to allow me to use just about anything I want. For the most part it is all about the gloves.

I remember when I first pulled them. Think I did a segment on DDocast about that day. I won them in a roll and I was so pleased I took my headset off to share the good news with my wife while a dickhead scolded me over voice chat because “HE NEEDED THE LOOT MORE THEN I DID.” I got a few tells from party members asking if I was going to let him talk to me like that? When I finally noticed what was going on and checked in on the raid I was surprised that someone tried to begrudge me of my loot. And then he tried to do so again now that I was around for my lecture. He is still the only person on my guild’s banned list, Doppleblock. Don’t even know if he plays any more but he will never play with me again that is for sure.

So I guess I am saying even though I have “better” loot at higher levels these simple level 9 gloves are my favorite item in the game and a quick count of my past lives I am wearing them when I TR 6 times. 4 or 5 other times I am wearing Vile Blasphemy which is like the 7F gloves cousin.

So now you know my favorite DDO “Thing”, what’s yours?


3 thoughts on “What is YOUR Favorite “Thing”?

  1. My favorite item is pair of feather fall boots. There’s nothing special about the boots themselves but whenever I put them on for the first time, I know it’s because I’m going to the Pit!

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