Once a Strength

One of the things I have always felt was a strength in my gearing was how I spread out my gear effects. The idea was when I need to make a swap I can do so with minor losses. But now I am having issues making room for other things that my build wants to work in by my diverse gear set up is causing me headaches.

I hope that the Epic GH will make things work for me again. Looking at http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=404940 for my eGH info/ what I can remember from my visit to Turbine in November, the Stormreaver’s Tablecloth is a must have for Samius. Int/Cha/a yellow/ Greater Spell Pen/SFM +2 all in a simi unused slot for me atm? Well it is a clikly slot, mostly Jungle cloaks. But it would make things easier again at least stat wise.

Looks like a blue helm might not be the worst place to move +3 insightful int and get it off my body slot. But that is where my Min2 lives now… So I might have to slot Fort someplace. But 2 epic slots would be a huge help for other things. Hell I could do a epic blue armor maybe.

Okay RL is knocking so i need to get. Hopefully i will have a cool story for tomorrow, have to see how tonight plays out.

3 thoughts on “Once a Strength

  1. The new system offer an abundance of blue, purple and green augment slots making slotting heavy fort (a ML 8 augment) a piece of cake. The cost however (20 tokens) remains silly.

  2. I cannot ever swap out anything on a character over level 20 without it becoming a Big Deal.

    We need a planner. I intend to write about this but I keep forgetting.

  3. I think there are bigger worries in the new placement for items such as how quick items get discarded for newer versions, which are either more powerful or more versatile, but still are too high in level. Sure, 20 still means “Epic” but now, that beautiful and overly gorgeous piece of magnificent equipment is meant for lvl 25… or 23 if you are lame enough to get the gimpy version….

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