Making with the Iceness

So I haven’t really bothered with the ice jumps myself in a long time. Don’t get me wrong I think it can be fun, but this year I am trying to keep up with the ice race every few days and that is more then enough screwing off getting motes and things. That means that my pile of items I want to add icy (burst) has grown and the amount of 3/4/5s that I have around are getting lower. In fact I have been out of 4/5s this whole time and have counted on the stockpile of scrolls that the wife and tobril are sitting on. ☺ Got to Fleshshaper’s Docent -> Live Woodcore -> Quorforged -> Epic Docent of Grace so I just need something until 10? Something I already have wouldn’t suck need to hit the wiki and see what I have other then the house D docent around this level. He might just get a GFL docent until something good comes along.

I was kinda excited to add Glaciation to a shield until I realized that it wouldn’t really take a shield and then I was like never mind. Really what was Turbine thinking? Random armor with Glaciation 120 @ lvl 24 does not beat like any named armor. Now if you could add it to ANY armor I could see that being popular.

Well I guess I can get a bear???


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