Gear Thoughts 1/22/13

For the last week or two my gear has been in the forefront of my thoughts. Armor for Darth (all none weapon slots really), leveling gear for my Arty, Java is a total mess when he makes the switch to druid here real soon, and eGH is about to shit all over my world. Lets not for get the quickly leaving Ice game stuff and what I can only assume is the soon to return Cove…


So lets break some things down and I assume that I will be covering it a few more times this week. So prepare.

Darth Samius:
I have talked about his gear issues a few times in the last few weeks but mostly focusing on two slots, weapons and armor. Well what else is there in a big hit build?

Well weapons are covered, Armor not so much. I have earned 16 reds and begged/borrowed the rest from Dim and could make a set of Armor from the FR side. Well I could if I had 100 more favor… Mean while I am a base Marith Chain short of rocking a epic version. Which other then the lack of PRR I think covers my needs better. That and now that I have 20 reds, I think that Java as a druid would be better off using them to make a Ebbron docent while in dog form. But I think it will be a matter of what comes first the PDK favor or the Chain. I am running both as often as possible.

Everything else is butter; I need a EE Bracer, find and use a +3 con trinket to make my plainer set. Breaking my PDK set lets me adjust my helm slot as well meaning that my I have helm/cloak/belt slots fairly free. Some of the Lam preview stuff looks good. Epic Dragon Helms have too slots and insightful dex, so 2 slots. Maybe you can get an str version and that would be badass! Although I like the EH Girdle of Giant’s Brawn, 8 str/+2 str green slot so maybe the added dex wouldn’t be soooo bad.

Over all I have more gear questions then answers. Heck the Epic Black set looks good also.

Lets jump to something I can decide on. Samiusbot, my arty build. Even though I want to have a melee option on the Bot. I know he will mostly be ranged while leveling. So I am thinking about making him a DPS heavy Greensteel repeater.

But there are lots of good options, I could run down them but I am fairly sure a Rad2 or a Dust2 is the way I will be going. Maybe a simple trip positive???

Damn thought I could decide on that at least??? Lolz

Well time to get back to the grind. More Gear tomorrow unless something nasty happens.


3 thoughts on “Gear Thoughts 1/22/13

  1. Take a look at epic double crossbow with a slotted additional elemental damage OR spell power.

    ML 24 augments can add up to 1d10 additional elememental damage (say acid) or 114 in spell power. Combine that with say a shadowmail (for none warforged) and you can cover more spell power. Making rune arms and repeater a good combo.

    With my own experience with dust in epic I just can’t recommend dust 2. It procs very seldom and I’ve found that a triple earth is more reliable in proccing (grab) and extra acid damage. it’s a though one.

  2. I used a triple earth for levelling my arty life. It worked really well against most things… and IPS made it just funny – esp. against giants.

    Used a dust weapon for my fighter past life… it was boring.

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